Criminal level of spam

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    So all of these Korean spam advertisements that have flooded the forum and rendered it totally meaningless, hopeless and useless, have risen to the level of a moral crime. One internet troll is making life miserable for thousands of otherwise interested participants. If there is a hell, this troll is going there. If not, if all there is only Karma and future lives of just deserts, then this troll is destined to spend several future reincarnations in a row as some particularly offensive and disgusting fungus - the exact form that his automated comment take here - a particularly offensive and disgusting fungus.

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    We had weeks of this Korean spam over on the Serif Community Forums. Some anti-spam measures stopped that. More recently, we had a deluge of spam from India.

    It is all removed from the forums now, but it still shows up in search results.

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    Ah. I ALWAYS come to the forum via a bookmark set to "recent posts," which I guess must be a search term. It's a shame that comments that have been "removed" overwhelm the "recent posts" search.

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    Edit: I think I must have misunderstood you. You meant the Serif community was cleaned - yeah? 'Cause this was for sure has not been.

  • Yeah, really though. Seems to be a constant flood of spam - there's hundreds of these posts. Like, over 300 now.

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    People who deploy spambots like this need to slowly suffocate - preferably on their own emesis.

  • Well that would at the very least be a creative way to solve the problem. I can get on board.

    Edit: I'm not sure which is more annoying: the forums displaying hundreds of new topics that are all meaningless, or the effort that would go into sifting through the forum pages to make sure there are no actual threads I may be interested in reading or posting in.

  • Vivaldi Team

    The spam has not gone unnoticed by us and we have tried to block the spammers and delete their posts as soon as we see them. We have taken some measures to prevent this and it's working well so far.

    But if you notice some more spam please report it and we'll take care of it :)

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