Snapshot - Private browsing mode and improved web panels

  • Download ( [b][i]32 e 64 BIT[/i][/b] Private browsing [img][/img] Web Panel improvements [img][/img] Changelog VB-8586 Windows and Linux need separate sets of default shortcuts VB-5754 History search API doesn't return some results on some searches VB-8895 Webpanel favicon fetcher raises exception if missing VB-7599 [Mac] Crash after opening new window and closing original one: partially fixed—still crashes on closing the last window VB-8871 Opening links from web panel does not work VB-8864 Replace back and reload with a combined home/reload button: also removed extra bar and added possibility to hide titlebar VB-8777 Improve styling for main buttons and form elements: Cleaning up and attending small details VB-7902 Tab content rescaled from small webview area upon first display - flickering VB-2508 Search in dowloads panel is broken VB-8127 History links are loaded in wrong frame VB-8148 [regression] Middle button on SD tile opens new foreground tab VB-8515 [regression] New tab gesture opens blank tab VB-8745 [regression] Cannot use Ctrl+Tab to switch to a tab opened in the background VB-235 Add support for private windows VB-8475 Add web panel context menu VB-8690 Bookmarks manager needs a bit of TLC: Using variables for gradients, Optimized PNGs, Better contrast for labels VB-8685 Tab selection not visible: Correct border clipping for first selected tab VB-8631 Add smooth scrolling option: Adjusted SVG viewbox VB-8571 [regression] “Add to search engines” broken VB-8657 Search bar does not work with second search VB-8777 Improve styling for main buttons and form elements: Bringing in the remaining form elements, checkboxes and radio buttons VB-8700 [regression] RMB+ Wheel Up/Down doesn't work anymore VB-8631 Add smooth scrolling option VB-8777 Improve styling for main buttons and form elements VB-8775 Mouse wheel page zoom should prevent scrolling Add Kurdish language support (KU) Upgraded Chromium to 45.0.2454.86 [quote=ruario][color=red] Known issues Private Windows on Mac look the same as normal windows Web panels are reset: If you created panels in previous snapshots they will need to be re-added[/color][/quote]

  • A evolução é notável a cada nova build.
    Existe um problema persistente com o Javascript das páginas. Antes você tinha que atualizar a página para os elementos Javascript aparecerem, agora isso não é mais sempre necessário, porém ainda há páginas em que os códigos só aparecem até a metade como fóruns.

  • @Panino:

    … porém ainda há páginas em que os códigos só aparecem até a metade ....

    teria uma screenshot?

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