Focus on performance?

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    @obiwan1 I fear you mistake overwhelm with indifference. There are a tiny team of developers, and even smaller team of "debug" developers, and tens of thousands of bugs to address. You consider yours the absolute most important. Thousands of over users consider theirs the most important. Whom shall the developers ignore in order to address and support others? However, at all times and in all situations, the developers consider browser optimization as a primary value.

  • @Ayespy No, I do not require a bugfix, you are mistaken here. I generally cannot demand anything from the development team, I, on my own initiative, use a browser that is distributed free of charge.

    I am disappointed that there is no reaction to my research, even the kind "oh, that's interesting." I am essentially offering free help to your little team - but it turns out that I am talking to myself.

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    @obiwan1 Would you like to specify the ID numbers of the bugs you have submitted? I'd be happy to update you on the status of any/all of them.

    If, on the other hand, you are commenting here and not submitting bug reports, then this is not reaching the development team.

  • @Ayespy I've already been answered here: Statuses are not needed, thanks. But I don’t know how to get an answer from the developers, whether they need my help at all or am I wasting both mine and your time. I would be grateful if you could tell me how can i find out this.

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