Focus on performance?

  • @Ayespy said in Focus on performance?:

    whether you have a million bookmarks, have it set to save history "forever,"

    Just as a reference point for comparison, my workstation is 4 years old (my motherboard only has half the memory slots in use and thereare much better processors available for it than what I have). I have over 130,000 bookmarks, my history is set to forever, and I don't notice any significant performance issues. I try to keep my extensions to a minimum, but I've got 18 installed of which a 12-13 are regularly enabled.

  • @BoneTone
    Man, you really try to max out Vivaldi resources.
    I guess 50% of your 130.000 bookmarks are outdated, I don´t even know what I have done last week (who care where I was surfing last year) and I try to keep my extensions to a minimum too, but I've got 4 installed of which a 2 are regularly enabled.
    It seams you have no problems with Vivaldi performance so go further. headbang

    Have a nice week, mib 😉

  • @mib2berlin @Ayespy

    The tech specs of the system do not matter.

    The video was recorded on Core i5-4200M, 2.5 Ghz, 16 Gb RAM, GeForce GT 740M, Windows 8.1, Vivaldi 3.5.2080.3.
    But absolutely the same slow performance on Core i7-3770, 3.4 Ghz, 32 Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 660, Gentoo Linux, Xfce 4.12, Vivaldi 3.5.2080.3 - on clean and not clean profiles.

    That is, neither installed extensions, nor bookmarks, nor something else - do not affect performance, in any case, there is no noticeable effect.

    Here: I wrote my observations. I think it's not the system, not the hardware, but the lack of optimization.

    As an example, Vivaldi can immediately close the selected set of tabs and recalculate the tab sizes 1 time at the end of this action, instead of closing the tabs one at a time and recalculating the sizes after closing each individual tab.

    Here are the related bug reports:

    There is also a topic in the Russian-language forum:тормозит-создание-вкладок/

    For example, here's a video from another user:
    He writes that the more time the browser is open, the more it slows down, even if you close all the tabs. And he made a script that reproduces the problem: in the loop automatically opens a new tab and immediately closes it. On a clean profile, after 10 minutes the browser starts to load the CPU by 100%, here is a screencast in this post: - "For 1000 iterations, the delay reached 1000 ms."

    I want to add that at the time of the discussion in that topic, this behavior was also reproduced for me. And although now I have lost that script, according to external signs, nothing has changed in the latest versions of Vivaldi.

    I also want to add that I noticed such a decrease in performance in Vivaldi after about 1.4-1.5 versions (more precisely, I can't say - their distributions were removed from the server). Right now, on a Linux system, I have version 1.3 installed and everything is fine with it.

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    @obiwan1 said in Focus on performance?:
    VB-38227 Not reproducible
    VB-45931 Same issue on Chromium!
    VB-48892 REOPENED

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Focus on performance?:

    VB-38227 Not reproducible

    Do you need any details from me?

    VB-48892 REOPENED

    Thanks. Reopened now or a some time ago? Can you supplement it with details from this topic?

  • @mib2berlin said in Focus on performance?:

    I guess 50% of your 130.000 bookmarks are outdated,

    I'm frequently deleting bookmarks, so many (possibly most) are relatively new. I'll delete bookmarks to pages I no longer want whenever I come across them simply for organization's sake. Then, the tool I use for deduplicating my bookmarks also will scan them all looking for broken pages. Certain errors will get deleted after a quick scan through the list to see if there's anything worth updating the bookmark to an archived copy of the page, such as on the Wayback Machine.

    There still are certainly bookmarks that should be removed. My processes are by no means perfect, but over the years I've developed habits that keep my bookmark library organized, relevant & useful. I may not have had a need to look at certain pages in over a year, but having it in my bookmark library makes finding certain pages much faster and easier than any other method when I do want to visit it. I would agree though that a collection this large without well-developed organization & maintenance would be both largely irrelevant & difficult to use.

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    @obiwan1 said in Focus on performance?:

    Not reproducible

    Long ago, could not be reprodced on developers and internal testers hardware.


    I try to ask someone.

  • New example.
    Vivaldi version is 3.4.2066.106 (64bit).
    System configuration: Core i7-3770, 3.4 Ghz, 32 Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 660, Gentoo Linux (64bit), Xfce 4.12

    First of all, follow the mouse cursor, I show them where to look. It is also advisable to turn on the video in full screen, so it will be better seen when I press the button, and when I just move the cursor.

    As you can see in the video, the browser slows down so much that even the interface does not update for several seconds, NaN is displayed instead of the scale percent value.

    Also note:

    • The video shows a new session of the browser, it has just been launched.
    • The profile is not clean, but works just as slowly with the clean one. I could have recorded with a new profile, but he would not have shown anything new, but on the video that I brought, I got a good and informative take.
    • There are no extensions installed.
    • At the time of video record only one tab is loaded into memory. If you load multiple tabs into memory, things get worse.
    • There is a direct dependence on the number of tabs in the session.
    • Version 1.2: Everything works fine.

    Is there any way I can help you identify the problem? For example, maybe there is a flag to enable the profiler?


  • I just discovered that performance is also highly dependent on the number of tabs displayed in the tab bar. If you group them all, then opening/closing tabs will work much faster. Not as fast as if the browser had only one open tab, but still significantly faster. Subjectively, on open new tab 50% faster. After the last open tab is closed, the load on the CPU drops much earlier. I recorded another video where this can be seen:

    It's hard to see here, but all the tabs that you could see in the previous videos are grouped into one. And here is another video. Here, instead of a stack of tabs, only one tab is open - with a forum:

    Thus, I would single out two separate problems:

    1. Decrease in performance when many tabs are displayed in the tab bar (even if they are not loaded into memory). The performance does not decrease so much, if all these tabs are grouped into one, in this case it works about 50% faster.

    2. The remaining 50% - they are influenced by the number of tabs in the session. Even if they are not loaded into memory.


    I recorded the exact same actions (and with the same set of open tabs) in Vivaldi 1.2.490.43. As you can see, neither opening a new tab nor closing it load the CPU at all. Obviously, in recent versions there has been a strong regression in performance, up to the inability to use the browser. This is despite the fact that the old version was still raw and unoptimized, and the new ones can be expected to work faster.

    Dear developers, will there be any reaction? I think I described in some detail how to reproduce the problem. If the data given by me is not enough, I am ready to conduct some more tests.

  • - Vivaldi 3.5.2115.4 64bit - about 22 seconds! - Chrome 86.0.4240.75 64bit - instantly.

    Core i5-4200M, 2.5 Ghz, 16 Gb RAM, GeForce GT 740M, Windows 8.1

  • Greetings!

    I found the exact app version with which the lags began when opening and closing tabs. - vivaldi-stable_1.4.589.41-1_amd64 - the latest stable release, in which creating and closing tabs was fast. - vivaldi-stable_1.5.658.44-1_amd64 - the first stable version, in which the creation and closing of new tabs began to significantly slow down.

    Notice in version 1.4 when I open new tabs how regularly the tab bar is updated. And how irregularly it is updated in version 1.5. The same goes for updating the process name in the process list.

    There were a large number of snapshots between these versions. Unfortunately, they are no longer available for download, so I cannot find out the exact snapshot version in which these lags appeared. If you can provide links to download snapshots, I could check each of them, see in which snapshot the lags started.

    The following posts were found on the developer blog, sorted by date: - Snapshot 1.5.604.4 – Fix for HTML5 audio and video on Windows - Snapshot 1.5.609.8 – Chromium update, bug fixes and Web Panel improvement - Snapshot 1.5.618.8 – Drag tabs between windows and performance improvements - Snapshot 1.5.626.8 – URL field enhancements, Vivaldi banners and a small update - Snapshot 1.5.627.3 – Delta (small) updates for Windows - Reader Mode button and drag tabs between windows improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.633.3/16 - Engine update – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.638.3 - Reader view access options – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.644.7 - Chromecast support – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.648.6 - Advanced tab dragging – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.651.10 - Fixes for recent regressions – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.652.8 - Inline editing of bookmarks and notes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.653.3 - A new snapshot and new forums – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.654.3 - Further improvements to tab drag and inline title editing – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.655.3 - Linux clipboard bug fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.3 - Vivaldi 1.5RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.21 - Vivaldi 1.5RC 2 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.27 - Vivaldi 1.5RC 3 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.31 - Vivaldi 1.5RC 4 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.42

    And here is the changelog taken from the final release page (

    * [New Feature][Themes] Philips Hue integration
    * [New Feature][Windows] Support for delta updates
    * [New Feature][Notes] Fetch screenshot automatically when adding a new note (VB-22023)
    * [New Feature] Reader mode button in the URL field and a mapable keyboard shortcut
    * [New Feature] Built in Chromecast support
    * [Windows][Win10] Better contrast for hover state on window controls (VB-21177)
    * [Windows][Installer] Clean up default associations for file types and protocols (VB-21603)
    * [Windows] Cannot set Vivaldi standalone as default browser on Windows 7 (VB-22104)
    * [Windows] Installer type cannot be changed without changing directory first (VB-2016)
    * [Windows] Minimize button not vertically centered on Windows 10 (VB-21362)
    * [Windows] UAC dialog appears backgrounded sometimes during upgrade (VB-21383)
    * [Bookmarks] Bookmark bar folder must be correct when updating store (VB-21760)
    * [Bookmarks] bookmark can be accepted as a bookmark bar folder (VB-22105)
    * [Bookmarks] Context menu missing in empty area of bookmark manager (VB-23021)
    * [Bookmarks][Notes] It is possible to drop (move) a folder onto its children (VB-21098)
    * [Bookmarks][Notes] Do not consume F2 in panels and lists where inline editing is not in use (VB-23025)
    * [Bookmarks][Notes] F2 shortcut is taken by a panel even if no note or bookmark is focused (VB-22965)
    * [Extensions] New tabs created from extension-hosts does not work (VB-21522)
    * [Extensions] Toolbar icons from extensions are blurry on HIDPI Displays (VB-12476)
    * [Extensions] LastPass login takes long time (VB-14612)
    * [Notes] Cannot attach the file the same as directly the last one attached (VB-5941)
    * [Notes] Dragging can fail (VB-23112)
    * [Notes] Make buttons for adding URLs and images easier to understand (VB-21412)
    * [Notes] Newly added note lost after Esc during search (VB-21718)
    * [Notes] Not possible to lookup notes from a specific URL in panel (VB-16920)
    * [Notes] Panel is missing a context menu in empty tree area (VB-21112)
    * [Notes] Renamed Titles should show on Insert Note Context Menu (VB-23030)
    * [Notes] Wrong drop indicator in panel (VB-23103)
    * [Reader] Reader view button lost on ‘back’, ‘forward’ (VB-22357)
    * [Reader] Some sites visited without Reader View redirect their url when Reader View becomes enabled (VB-22288)
    * [Search field] Improve results update in drop down
    * [Search field] Search suggest shows wrong suggest after search engine switch (VB-21535)
    * [Search field][URL] Add support for Yandex search suggest (tr, ru, be, uk) (VB-14070)
    * [Search field] When pressing Alt+Enter the dropdown keeps open (VB-21523)
    * [Spatnav] scrolling page when focusing on a link leading to an anchor (VB-20584)
    * [Spatnav] Can skip links that should be focussed (VB-21273)
    * [Speed Dial] Add support for “text/uri-list” drops in Speed Dial folders and Speed Dial ‘+’ button (VB-21511)
    * [Speed Dial] Crash while adding (VB-21795)
    * [Themes] Deleting a theme requires switching to it first (VB-21251)
    * [Themes] Performance can be improved further (VB-21797)
    * [Themes] Scheduling timeline: Entry on list not visible and scheduled times cannot be deleted (VB-21175)
    * [Themes] Themes performance can be improved by 400% (VB-21378)
    * [URL field] Auto complete not consistent (VB-21490)
    * [URL field] Auto complete not disappearing upon Paste (VB-20620)
    * [URL field] Auto complete too slow when suggest is enabled (VB-21438)
    * [URL field] Auto complete sometimes not working on new single key chars (VB-21863)
    * [URL field] Dragging scroll bars closed the drop down (VB-21859)
    * [URL field] Add a setting to turn on/off page loading progress on address field (VB-17119)
    * [URL Field] Auto complete triggered on pressing backspace at the end of URL of the current tab (VB-22895)
    * [URL field] Auto complete improvements
    * [URL field] Blocked content icon is shown for blocked cookies, plugins, images etc. (VB-22964)
    * [URL field] Content blocker icon improvement (VB-22450)
    * [URL field] Copying URL containing Japanese character does not always work (VB-22127)
    * [URL field] Do not select everything while focusing address bar: Added an option to turn off selecting the whole URL (VB-15712)
    * [URL field] It’s possible to press Enter before completion is finished (VB-22119)
    * [URL field] selection sometimes changes on right-click (VB-22498)
    * [URL field] To select a word in the URL, you must quintuple-click it (VB-22070)
    * [URL field] Progress bar showing more loaded elements than total elements (VB-21814)
    * [URL field] Result from one tab can surface in another tab (VB-21977)
    * [URL field] Right click on the address bar doesn’t select the whole
    * URL (VB-19561)
    * [URL field] Use “?” in to explicitly specify a search (VB-19713)
    * [URL Field] Fixing a few issues leading to unreliable autocompletion (VB-20619)
    * [URL Field]Wrong text selection behavior after pressing Shift+End (VB-19528)
    * Add basic “Search with…” context menu (VB-22084)
    * Add context menu entry “Save stack as bookmark folder” for tab stacks (VB-4113)
    * Add HTML content type for bookmark clipboard (VB-9699)
    * Add inline editing to bookmarks and notes
    * Add setting to control open in new tab shortcuts (VB-18627)
    * Add status bar notification when hovering Notes, Downloads and History (VB-23023)
    * Add support for ‘text/uri-list’ and ‘text/plain’ in url bar text field (VB-21336)
    * Add the new black icon to the menu (VB-20848)
    * A dragged URL is not opened in a new tab when dropped on the tab bar (VB-21371)
    * Always shown ‘Show panel’ tool tip even if panel is shown (VB-6016)
    * A new search can be added with a duplicate nickname (VB-20738)
    * A URL can not be dragged into a folder on the bookmark bar (VB-21193)
    * Autocomplete on Vivaldi URLs in URL field (VB-19107)
    * Back, Forward, Reload buttons not active after moving a tab to another window (VB-21224)
    * Blank page on Google maps shown within search results (VB-21248)
    * Cancelled “Save as” downloads remain in the downloads list (VB-22910)
    * Can not add search engine from context menu (VB-21304)
    * Cannot import O12 data without having a operaprefs.ini file in the same directory (VB-22144)
    * Cannot search with Chinese and ‘site:’ keyword in address field (VB-20842)
    * Chromium browser is not detected for Data Import (VB-7550)
    * “Clear finished downloads” button in Downloads panel is active when there’s no finished download (VB-22761)
    * Content of active note is not erased when last note is removed (VB-20945)
    * Contrast too low for Zoom slider (VB-22355)
    * Custom search engines missing favicons (VB-13648)
    * Displaying date time of saving each session on the list of sessions (VB-14808)
    * Do not show trash folder on bookmarks bar (VB-21762)
    * Download progress doesn’t span full panel width (VB-22491)
    * Dropping a link in the bookmark tree will not give the new item a title (VB-21407)
    * Entering numbers in text field performs single key keyboard shortcut (VB-21704)
    * ESC and Enter not working correctly in Notes and on Bookmark folders (VB-20643)
    * ESC button works wrong in full screen mode (VB-8969)
    * Freeze after middle clicking bookmarks (VB-22260)
    * Gesture editing touch support, limit to left mouse button (VB-22064)
    * Horizontal Main Menu still has a red Vivaldi icon for snapshots (VB-21379)
    * I cannot delete my theme with certain names (VB-20029)
    * Keycode 173 was wrongly mapped to minus
    * Let it be possible to add a web panel by dropping a URL on the ‘+’ button (VB-21343)
    * Loading bar on the address animate right to left (VB-18074)
    * Make “Bookmark All Open Pages” save into newly created folder (VB-5491)
    * Make setting “Enable Search in Address Field” easier to find (VB-16443)
    * Mapable shortcut to toggle tab bar preview on and off: “Tab Thumbnail” (VB-22531)
    * More robust error checking and importing of Opera 12 data (VB-22453)
    * “New Contact” appears as context menu item in notes: corrected to “New Note” (VB-23286)
    * No autocomplete if prefixed with scheme e.g. http:// (VB-22497)
    * Onclick events on input elements selected by spatial navigation only trigger on second press (VB-19306)
    * Open image in new tab should open in a foreground tab (VB-21909)
    * “Open in New Background Window” missing in bookmark tree (VB-22034)
    * Open session dialog bad sorting and cut text (VB-21296)
    * Order and location is wrong after Copy/Paste or drag and drop in Notes (VB-21160)
    * Page is not loaded after dropping text into address field (VB-21353)
    * Panel width doesn’t follow a mouse cursor precisely (VB-20632)
    * Partial Paste & Go not working without selection (VB-20796)
    * Pressing “Save As” for some file types doesn’t always prompt for path (VB-7762)
    * Progress bar is not displayed immediately after pressing Reload (F5) (VB-19994)
    * Provide a way to allow insecure content to load at the users request: work in progress, needs a new icon (VB-22450)
    * Rephrasing theme schedule description
    * Replace “Enable” & “Disable” in setting labels with checkbox state (VB-21073)
    * Right click option to “close other” can be zero (VB-18289)
    * Search from context menu does not always work (VB-22187)
    * Search Tab opens on all Open windows (VB-21712)
    * Selected file in the Downloads list loses it’s focus (selection) after pressing restart (VB-22798)
    * Separator line in Quick Commands getting curved (VB-18351)
    * Settings don’t work properly with an invalid bookmarks bar folder (VB-21410)
    * Settings search field looses focus (VB-21922)
    * Shift-Delete should remove the current autocomplete history (VB-16457)
    * Speed Dial reflows when switching from tab after resizing window (VB-20

    (here the changelog ends, apparently, not all changes are listed here.)

  • @obiwan1
    Hi, I guess some user here want to help but it is hard to follow all the information and I re read the thread to be sure I not miss anything.
    Can you please post (again) how many tabs you are usually use?
    I will open the same amount of tabs in my main system, even I never use more then 30-40 tabs since tab browsing was introduced. headbang
    I have no idea if comparing 3.5 with 1.5 makes much sense, to much has changed since then but anyway I will try to help/verify your issue.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin Hi, I am using about 150-200 tabs. All of them are unloaded from memory except the current one.

    I have no idea if comparing 3.5 with 1.5 makes much sense, to much has changed since then but anyway I will try to help/verify your issue.

    Maybe so, but at least the external signs at 3.4 are exactly the same as at 1.5.

  • @obiwan1
    Hi, testing with ~200 tabs without hibernation slows down a bit but not freezing for some seconds as you show in one video.
    Ram usage was over 8 GB on:

    Opensuse Tumbleweed x86_64
    Intel i5 3570K 16 GB RAM
    GTX 760 4 GB /Display card
    RTX 2060
    Driver 455.32.00
    Vivaldi 3.5.2115.4 / Chrome 87.0.4280.66


    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: Google need some time to mess up my video codec. 😉
    EDIT 2: May be hibernating is the problem?

  • @mib2berlin

    In your video, as far as I can see, the interface response is exactly as low as mine. It’s like I’m opening and closing tabs myself. This is in line with my claim that lags are reproducible on a wide range of hardware and software configurations.

    And it would be still bearable if there was not such a heavy load on the CPU due to which all interface control is blocked - both at the moment of opening/closing, and also for several milliseconds, or even seconds after that.

    As a result, if I want to close a tab and immediately open a new one, the interface after clicking on the close button does not respond to the open button. Mouse gestures are poorly recognized. And so on and so forth.

    This is especially true because I have been using Vivaldi since the first TP and I remember how fast it was. On my home PC, I have 1.2, and I'm used to how fast it works, but when I switch to my work computer, where the latest snapshots are installed... More and more often I have to use Chrome.

    I found the specific version of Vivaldi that this regression came with. It would be nice if the developers looked at the history of the code repository, what was changed, and figured out if it is possible to raise performance to previous speeds in new versions.

    I know that they have a small team and there is not enough time for everything, so I am ready to help find out more precisely - at the level of snapshot versions, if they provide links so that I can download them. Now links to old snapshots, which are indicated in the blog, do not work.

  • @obiwan1
    Ok, I cant remember how much faster 1.x was but for me 3.5 is fast enough especially I am working with 20 tabs or less.
    If I find some time I may test on Chrome to compare.

    Cheers, mib


    1. I first open a new tab. I have to wait a few seconds before the browser interface somehow starts to react, all this time it does not respond to any actions.

    2. Then I close the tab. Again, I have to wait a few seconds for the browser interface to respond.

    I am very upset by the developers' indifference to browser optimization issues. Over the past few months, performance from version to version has been dropping before our eyes. Previously, the brakes were on 150+ tabs, now, as you can see from the video, it brakes very strongly on only 80 tabs. The performance has dropped so much that I can no longer use Vivaldi and have to switch to another browser. I hope to see you in the future.

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    @obiwan1 said in Focus on performance?:

    I am very upset by the developers' indifference to browser optimization issues.

    You are very upset over a value that does not exist. Developers' concern over browser optimization, which continues apace, cannot see your system or your use habits, and hence cannot perceive what is troubling you, despite that they are continually concernt with browser optimization.

  • @Ayespy But I've been writing bugreports and on this forum topic for quite some time. In full detail, system specifications and with screencasts. I also offered my help in identifying the main source of the performance drop, I was even ready to run debug versions, if they were provided to me, and collect logs. But there is no reaction to my messages.

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