How to do clean installation

  • actually i downloaded vivaldi browser but i am not able to access features like new private window and extension does not appear in panel.someone told me to do a clean installation to access these features but i am still not able to access features. what i did in clean installation i opened control panel and uninstalled vivaldi browser and redownloaded it but still when i redownloaded it my downloads were still there which i previously did on vivaldi browser. can anyone help me how to clean install vivaldi browser other than the method i did

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    What version did you download? Where did you store it so that you could install it offline?

    It actually just sounds like you are using an out of date version and reinstalling it over your existing profile data.

    First, you want to download and save, say to your desktop, the most recent snapshot (available at ). Then, use downloaded installer to update your version. This will probably give you the functions you are missing.

    If not, uninstall Vivaldi and delete the "Vivaldi" folder that remains at the programs install location (for Windows, this is users/your-user-profile/appdata/local.

    Then, using the same installer you saved, just install it fresh, and it will do so with none of your prior settings or information being present.

  • Just delete or rename your personal profile in


    That's all you need to start as a brand new installation.

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