[suggestion] ux for grouped tabs with normal tabs

  • When I have grouped tabs there is border at the top to show which tab in group is selected and whole tab group is taller than normal tab (without group).
    Then normal tab is ~5px below top border of window. When I want to select another tab, mouse cursor has to be that 5px from top which is not good UX experience.

    Here is screenshot.


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    @piernik Selecting tabs, or tabs within a stack, is difficult if the window is not maximised. If you maximise the window and remove the spacing above the tabs, there is no issue. Solitary tabs are then the same height as a tab stack, and reach to the very top of the window.

  • I have maximized window and still has problem - regular tab does not start from top edge.

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    @piernik Settings, Tabs, Tab Display, enable Remove Tab Spacing in Maximized Windows.

    Maximized Tabs.png

  • I have something different. I'm on windows 10 64bit.
    I opened new tab in new windows (ctrl+n). As You see I'm in fullscreen and even without group tabs tab does not start from top edge.vivaldi_2019-11-12_09-10-25.png

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