Bug: missing items in window panel after a window is opened

  • Before I'll report it as a bug, I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same issue:

    It often happens to me, that when I open for example a new window, there are missing items in the window panel, for example this is a freshly opened window:


    There's really nothing before the Start Page item, I cannot select anything there, but when I select some of the visible items, for example that Start Page, missing items magically appear:


    It's happening randomly and it's also happening when there are much more items (e.g. after Vivaldi is restarted or when switching back from a fullscreen mode):


    Again, when I select any of the items, all missing ones appear.

    It's happening quite frequently. And it's not an issue of any specific version of Vivaldi, it's been happening for a long time and many versions back.

    It's not such a big deal, but it's a bit annoying. Did anyone experienced that, please?

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    @ferenczy I have seen it happen with notes, but not often. Try switching panels to see if it updates the display.

  • Thank you for your reply @Pesala. Switching panels may fix it, I'll try it when it happens, but it's quite irrelevant, it's easier to just select any of visible items and the rest of items will appear immediately, it's just one click.

    The point is, it shouldn't be happening.

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    @ferenczy Please see How to Report a Bug

    This link is now on the Help menu, Report a Bug.

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