Domain Completion Gone in 2.9

  • So Vivaldi updated and suddenly domain completion is gone. I've submitted a bug report, searched on here and I can't seem to find anyone else mentioning or if maybe this is a planned design decision?

    For years every browser will at least do .com with ctrl + enter. FF used to do .org and .net with shift and alt added to the mix.

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    @nPHYN1T3 This feature is broken and was removed.

  • Can I get a confirmation on this? I find it hard to believe. I had thought the absence of DC was due to a problematic recent sync.


    2.9.1705.41 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

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    @paul1149 You just got confirmation. Gwen-Dragon is a moderator and internal tester.

    See this previous thread.

    This is the developer's explanation

  • Thank you, @Pesala . A bit of a shock. The dev makes a halfway decent point about the proliferation of TLDs lessening the value of the feature, but still, it is darn useful and I hope it can return.

    Be well.

  • I know it was broken, I had reported a huge lag in the browser responsiveness due to it years ago. I thought it was ridiculous that I could type faster than it would respond to. However for them to outright remove it is kinda nuts given it flies in the face of user choice. Forcing you to change your muscle memory and workflow because of someone else's decision is a bad decision. If I wanted to fire up a browser and have things I'd used for years taken away from me I'd still be using Firefox.

    The idea of TLD being more diversified is a bit bullchit/excuse. First off not everyone is constantly looking for new and cool hipster domain based things. Plus most sites do not want to diversify because like it or not several generations have had .com drilled into their brain. 90% of the web ignored the reality .com was for commerce and it just became automatic EVERYTHING used .com right or wrong. Reality has no apologies for someone foolish enough to register superhipster.soedgycheckoutmyuniquetldnoonewillremember.

    I guess this browser is a lost cause. Browsers are insanely complex, if they can't append 4 characters to the end of a string in an input field they might be in over their heads.

  • Version 3 is out...still missing key this...

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    @nPHYN1T3 See Settings, Address Bar, Domain Expansion. It is disable by default in version 3.0.

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    @nPHYN1T3 Expanding to more than one Top Level Domain is not supported anymore and there is no timeline to fix this.

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