Minor update (3) for Vivaldi 2.9

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    Any word on being able to edit menus?
    Having menus are a necessary part of any browser. The ability to edit those menus would be a dream come true.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Interesting... In 2.9 on Win 10 1609:
    If i set New Tab Page to Blank Page the focus stays in address bar
    If i set New Tab Page to Start Page I get the Vivaldi - eBay - Kayak - Ali page, with an empty address bar focused.
    If I enter vivaldi.com or click the Vivaldi box, I get an uncopyable "Your browser matters" page with the focus not in the address bar.

    Which is the "Start Page"? I thought the boxes were "Speed Dial"?

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    @LorenAmelang Start Page and Speed Dial are interchangeable. One is the software name for it, and the other is a colloquial name for it.

  • Thank you for an awesome browser!
    Could you make a feature like in Opera when highlighting the text leads to the instant option to search in Google?

  • @tree1891 hi this user and myself fixed it by backing up app data (just incase) while in 2.8 then deleting the login data file to be found in screenshot and updating to 2.9 i immediately got full password functionality back (but make sure your sync'd)vivaldi save.PNG

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    @christiehmalry Yes, that works if you have synced logins+passwords before.

  • There is a problem with opening links in new tabs from a pinned tab.

    If I open a link in a new foreground tab, regardless if by mouse gesture or by context menu, the tab won't open until I click somewhere, and then it remains in the background.

    If I open a link in a new background tab, regardless if by mouse gesture or by context menu or by a middle click, the tab won't open until I create somehow a new tab. They can stack like this and hold opening new tab and then release them all.

    With normal tabs it works as normal, problem occurs with using pinned tabs.

    Version: 2.9.1705.41 (Stable channel) (64-bit) for Windows 10

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  • Sorry to take your time. but I think you can answer an important question for me because I haven't found it in any source.
    chrome 73 based browsers have mht and mhtml file read support, but chrome 74 and later versions do not. That's why,
    vivaldi 2.4.1488.40 has "Save Page as MHTML" on the "chrome: // flags" page, but not "2.7.1628.30" and later.
    Why do you think google needed such an execution and what would you recommend to those in my case?

  • I forgot to mention it in my previous post. The main problem is that I can no longer use vivaldi, which I use to open mht and mhtml files.

  • @Labirent I'm not sure what you mean: the current version works fine with mht files. I just opened one. No flag. mhtml is also an option when saving.

  • it is said that, when god wants to make his beloved servant happy, he lets him first lose his donkey and then find him. ☺
    i hope this is a mistake from me.

  • Hi Vivaldi Team,
    I'm a long-time fan of Vivaldi, but I went away for a bit after the print spooling bug popped up too many times.
    However, this new version -- 2.9.1705.41 -- is working gangbusters! It rocks!
    Thanks guys!
    Vivaldi is back to being my main browser!

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