Problem for new album photos

  • the upload is good but nothing visible into the album only the name of photos if i click on it "original.jpg was not found on this server." a temporary bug ?

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for reporting.
    I've confirmed the same problem.
    We'll try to fix it as soon as we can!

  • it's the night here take your time ah ah
    it seems email have a new bug too …
    sorry now it's good
    one time it's good and one time it's bad with email :blink:

  • always the bug with the new album photo ,I have delete the album and create a new add photos but always the same

    but email seems ok now

  • Photos and albums isn't working for me, same result like you :(

    Edit: i tried to delete the album. Successful, but some error:

    JFolder::create: Could not create directoryPath: /var/www/media/com_easysocial/photos/7424

    JFolder::create: Could not create directoryPath: /var/www/media/com_easysocial/photos/7424

    JFolder: :delete: Path is not a folder. Path: /var/www/media/com_easysocial/photos/7424/37902

  • yes when i want to see the original photo
    for the album I see only a white /grey page

  • This could be related to the problem that I can't upload Images as attachments to forum posts atm.

    Tested with Chromium 36 and Opera 12
    You should see a small green image with white text saying: attachment image below:

  • Hi,

    I have tried to upload a photo. I seems to be uploaded but I cannot view it.
    If I try to upload it as an Avatar I get an popup telling me to crop the photo. But again I do not see it.

    Please help.

  • I'm having the same problem too.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Sorry about the photo upload issues.
    We fixed this problem. It should be working now.
    Please let us know if you still experience some issues.


  • Upload is now working fine.
    But.. I create an album, upload 4 photos and share with everyone. If someone looking my album, the photos counter is 4, but the result is: "No photos available"

    Sorry, my fault. I share the album, but i found, that photos is need to be shared too. So it works :)

  • it's ok now , i have deleted the old (always invisible album )and I create a new .thanks :)

  • Test if the attachment upload works too:

    You should see a small green picture with white text saying "attachment image" below:


    Yay! Works.
    Thank you!

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