• I'd like to have an option to have a real #000 black font color in site's UI. Gray is not helping my eyes to get better. Oh, and narrow fonts are awful. Don't use them in UI, please.

  • Is it possible to have bigger fonts?
    I'm nearly eighty.

  • Why don't you simply let the browser zoom? Opera has a slider bottom right, you can also press Control-+ / - on the keyboard

  • Thank you.
    I don't use Opera much any more.
    For Vivaldi I am using Chrome.

  • I've magnified to 150% in Chrome and it is perfect.
    Thanks again

  • You can also force a minimum font size. Go to Chrome's Settings page and click "Show advanced settings.." on the bottom. In the "Web content" section there is a button "Customize fonts…", in the box that pops up is a slider "Minimum font size". Move it to the right to suit your needs

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