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  • Hi,

    I'm from India and I've registered to Vivaldi primarily to make sure that when I hit an issue, I'll be able to send a crash/bug report with clear report.

    Found one right away. At register page, verification of phone number via SMS don't work for India.

    I waited for quite long (10-15 minutes) and didn't receive an SMS. However I did receive the call which let me access the community forum here.

    Fix pls?


  • Ambassador

    @AO7 Welcome to the Community. Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

    No one needs SMS to access the forums; only for Blogs and email. If you need either of those please contact Vivaldi Support

    Thank you for your feedback. The Support team will look into your request as soon as possible. Please note that their working hours are Monday to Friday, 08:00 CET - 18:00 CET.

    I don't think you need an account to submit a bug report either. You can use your current email address in the report form.

    Please see How to Report a Bug

    This link is now on the Help menu, Report a Bug.

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