Cannot Access Ebay (UK) With Vivaldi But Can with Opera

  • For some reason I cannot access Ebay via Vivaldi. After entering my username and password I am greeted with the attached screen. Ticking the box results in the exact same page appearing. However Opera works fine with the login etc.vivaldi screenshot.jpg

  • @techguy88 looks like you are not accepting cookies, click the padlock in the address bar, choose cookies and allow any blocked ones. Go to vivaldi://settings/privacy/ to check your global settings in the Cookie section. When reporting please include the browser version which you can find in vivaldi://about/ .

  • Cookies set to "session only" ,block third party cookies not checked.
    2.9.1705.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit).

    Never had this happen before. I will try again tomorrow.
    I do have one extension "Adblock Plus" but everything looks ok there too.

  • Still having the same issue with Vivaldi today. However I now get the pics to tick for traffic lights etc.Takes about six attempts then I am able to login to Ebay. But when I sign out and then try a few minutes later to sign in again I have to go through the same process all over again. Creating a new user with a normal profile allows me to get into Ebay ok, but would not allow me to login to my Vivaldi forum account ! There is clearly something wrong. I have several computers that connect to the Internet via two different ISPs so I assume it is not malware. Failing an answer I will have to gradually withdraw Vivaldi from my machines.

  • @techguy88 The fact a new profile would allow you to log in as normal is a sign something in your regular profile is causing the issue. When you create a new profile you will lose all set cookies from sites so you'd need to log in again on the forums for example. But completely resetting your profile is a chore I know, so best to leave that as a last resort.

    Have you tried to disable all extensions? You can either go through the extensions page and set all to disabled or launch Vivaldi with the --disable-extensions argument.

    It would seem the issue is related to the reCaptcha (which AFAIK is a Google service). But not sure how that would fail if you do accept third-party cookies. Personally I would press F12 and look at the Network tab in devtools, then recreate the issue and look at the log, but I realise it's not for everyone to do this. If you recreate the issue you can save the data as a HAR file for others to examine, but that carries with it certain security implications with cookies and so on. I'd be willing to have a look if you are.

    Also, have you reported it?

    You really should report it to Ebay support as well.

    BTW, I didn't have an Ebay UK account but used the same I have for US and logging in worked fine.

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm very dismayed by these issues. I was the first to report sometime ago that tooltips didn't work, reported it as a bug and got a message saying Vivaldi staff couldn't replicate the issue !!! Obviously that issue has been dealt with since. As regards Vivaldi now I am having to uninstal it as Opera works ok. I will reinstal Vivaldi in a few days to see if the issue gets cleared up. I can login to ebay and Vivaldi with opera and have made no changes to my system. I spend most of my time online installing Windows Updates or updating programs ,you know no dodgy stuff.

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