Bookmarks unusable

  • I'm using the latest version on a Windows 7 desktop. On the bookmark bar there is a folder called [b] Imported From.[/b]. and it's imported my bookmarks from Opera. The problem is that most of them are grayed out and not clickable. Also I'm getting the following error when I upgrade the browser - [b]Failed to rename "Profile: folder . Error=183[/b]. I don't know if the issues are related or not. Any suggestions?

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    Uninstall, delete your User folder, reinstall, and then import your bookmarks again.

  • Tried it. Didn't work. Thanks for replying. That's concerning bookmarks. I've got to wait for a update to see if the other issue is fixed. By the way a problem with uninstalling, no uninstall option. None in the folder, none in the Start menu, none in the Programs and Features (add and remove). So I just manually searched for all associated files and deleted them. This browser is not ready for prime time. I might set it as default one day but it's not ready yet.

  • It sounds as if Vivaldi is encountering problems having proper access to some of its folders. Have you been installing Vivaldi from an administrative account, for multiple users, or as a stand-alone installation? Also, what antivirus software are you using, since that can sometimes interfere with new installations?

  • Thanks to all replies but the latest update finally fixed the issue.


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