Sync not showing all synced computers

  • I started using Sync again in the last week. I have 3 computers with Vivaldi on them: Desktop, Laptop, and LL (little laptop). Sync is set up all 3. All 3 show download and upload success.

    on Desktop, when I click on cloud in taskbar , it only shows LL, not Laptop.
    on Laptop it only shows LL, not Desktop.
    On LL is only shows Desktop, but not Laptop.

    shouldn't all 3 show the other 2?

  • Perhaps I can rephrase that last statement:
    Shouldn't the other two devices show on each of the 3 devices?

    All three are logged in to the same account (username)

  • @astro46
    Hi, it does not work correctly, my Windows system is offline but shown in the cloud and my other Linux system is online synced but not visible.
    I have no idea how often it gets updated, Windows system was shut down 12 hours ago.

    Cheers, mib

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    @astro46 said in Sync not showing all synced computers:

    Shouldn't the other two devices show on each of the 3 devices?

    I apologize, may be i had not enough coffee to understand in my ol' brain.
    Please explain, what "show on each of the 3 devices" does mean for you? Where should what be shown?

  • @Gwen-Dragon : 3 devices, (Desktop, Laptop, and LL (little laptop)). all are logged in to sync.
    Desktop, when clicking on taskbar cloud should list Laptop and LL
    Laptop, should list Desktop and LL
    LL should list Desktop and Laptop.

    However, they each only list one device. eg, the Desktop only shows LL
    LL shows only Desktop
    Laptop may show only Desktop.

    I remember the last time I tried using Sync (6? months ago), it did show more than one device on each device, but failed in other ways. This is my second try with Sync.

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    I can reproduce this, i do not see the opened windows in Sync's cloud dropdown from other devices (my different Linux installations).

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    @astro46 Thank you for reaching and sorry for the trouble.

    May be this issue is a bug.

    Please read

    carefully and report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

    Again thank you for using Vivaldi.

  • @Gwen-Dragon . reassuring that you can reproduce the problem.

    bug report filed. Key: VB-59911

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    @astro46 I confirmed the report.

  • Seems Sync is regressing, back to its old tricks. The last several times i opened vivaldi, after booting system, on laptop, it complains that Sync is disconnected. I am thinking this is One of the problems that led me to abandon Sync previously. Yes, I do check the 'save password' .

    Haven't had this new issue so far on Little Laptop, and haven't been to desktop in a couple of days.

  • for last few days both Desktop and Laptop only show LL when clicking on the 'cloud'.

    today I tried 'reset remote data'. had to login on all 3 devices.

    no change: both Desktop and Laptop still only show LL when clicking on the 'cloud'. LL shows Desktop.


  • whoa, 30 secs after that last post, error message on desktop tells me sync is disconnected.
    settings>sync page has message that " rejected your credentials: persisted access token data not found' .

    don't remember seeing this before today.

  • Vivaldi hasn't been able to fix sync, apparently. Or, since it has been a problem for quite a while, my guess is that they don't care. Still get error messages about having been logged out, and even when logged in on 3 computers, any one of them only sees one of the others. VB-59911

    I guess they are busy developing new Themes. don't have time for technical bugs/poor design. (This isn't the only one)

  • @astro46
    I am sorry for you and the cloud sync has some hick ups but I rarely get logged out on my Windows, Linux and Android systems.
    This happens only if the sync server is down or something.
    It is a different problem and there are many things can go wrong.
    For example, I use a forum for over ten years now but since some weeks my ISP blocks it and it need some time to find out it is not the forum nor my setup.
    May you report the log in/out problem, too.

    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: Ha ha, as we speak the sync server and was down for a few minutes but I am not logged out. headbang

  • @mib2berlin said in Sync not showing all synced computers:

    @astro46 .... EDIT: Ha ha, as we speak the sync server and was down for a few minutes but I am not logged out. headbang

    I had these same issues in the past, and stopped trying to use V sync. This second attempt. Seems it isn't working any better. I have turned off sync in V . Apparently it isn't going to get fixed. They can advertise that they do sync, even though it isn't reliable. Perhaps this is the purpose.

  • Found this thread today because I noticed this issue weeks ago and finally decided to look into it. For a long time, there were only a handful of issues that keep me from using Vivaldi full-time, and this is one of them. In a competing browser, it is trivially easy to send a tab or tabs, to other machines with the same account. Once used to it, it has become a deal-breaker feature for me.

    I find an article at work to read, and send it to my phone or home computer or development machine, or all of them. I can do from on the page itself, or from the tab, or from a feature in the address bar.

    The issue here, is I can't even see all my computers for sync, and I haven't tried mobile for that reason. Once you get used to it, you can't live without it. Start at work, then send to phone for lunch, then send it to home to stop reading on phone. Send it back to work if I haven't finished yet. There are several scenarios for how this works for me.

    If I can help with testing or more details, I'm willing to help.

  • @Bewc
    Hi, there are two ways to share tabs on different devices, one is right mouse context menu on a page to send it and the cloud icon in the address bar to open tab or all tabs from other devices. It need some time to update but I check this moment on my mobile and all 14 tabs open on desktop are reachable from my mobile phone.
    The only issues with sync for me are duplicates of notes and deleted bookmarks reappear if I start a system which was not online for some time.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin of course if not all your devices appear in sync, then it is hard to send a page to them. Which is the problem that I had.

    and winding up with duplicate links, notes, and deleted bookmarks, which is not really syncing, which I then have to deal with, is another inconvenience issue with vivaldi sync.

    rather than deal with vivaldi (sort of) sync, (to not all devices), i find it faster to just send the link via one of the cloud based services (asana? email?) and access if from the other computer.

    Too bad about how it doesn't work, could be a useful feature.

    really, the primary thing that keeps me with vivaldi, is that it loads pages faster.

  • @astro46
    Hm, I cant understand why all devices are listed for me but it does not work for you.


    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin said in Sync not showing all synced computers:

    Hm, I cant understand why all devices are listed for me but it does not work for you.

    I can't either. it was the second time I tried vivaldi sync over a couple of years. didn't work well the first time either. the second time I went through all the removing, installing, blah, blah.. As i remember, one time 2 of 3 devices showed up, next time a different 2. And the creating duplicates when syncing was very frustrating. i'm sure vivaldi had some excuse for how that is reasonable and is a feature. I haven't seen any changelog entries to indicate that sync has been improved, so see little reason to try it a third time.

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