Don't (automatically) search in address bar - how?

  • Hi, I know I can set / customize the search abbreviators, e.g. type "g vivaldi" to have google search for "vivaldi" in the address bar. When I don't enter the search abbreviators (accidentally, or because I'm entering a local or non-local hostname) I don't want Vivaldi to always run and ask google (or whatever is default search provider). Is there a way to go? It's called address bar, not search bar, for a reason... and as smart as quick searches via an address bar shortcut are, I would quite like to only search if I intended to do so... Referring to Opera, you could disable searching in the address bar altogether; this worked very well. I'm much more inclined to see an error if Vivaldi can't cope with what I put at it in the address bar...

  • There is an option in Tools/Settings/Privacy for search in address bar.

    Note: May need to upgrade to Snapshot (I didn't check earlier versions).

  • I'd prefer to keep search up there (quick Alt-D to get the focus up there is pretty useful and universal) BUT the auto-search as you mentioned can get in the way. For me it's the auto-drop-down that's weird. Even if the user is not touching the mouse, the cursor gets the focus anyways and the text under the cursor from the auto-drop-down gets captured and annoyingly populates the omnibar no matter what we're typing.

    That's the bug in my opinion.

  • @TbGbe: The setting is (has been) there in previous versions - and it's ticked. So apparently it doesn't work (or I don't understand how it should work…)

    @alexnguyen: If I want to search in the address bar, it's not much more effort to type "g string" instead of "string"; in addition I can hence differentiate between search engines. (And in theory you'd have the option to turn it on or off - just so it doesn't work...)

    I hate google searching for my local hostnames every time I need to access a local server quickly....

    But the auto-drop-down-mouse has been irritating to me, also.

  • This feature perhaps doesn't work as it should, but it is there. With it ticked, when you start to type in an address from a website you've visited in the past, the drop down from the address bar will show pages you've bookmarked or pages from your history - and leave out the "Search Google for {query}" entry. However, if you're typing an unfamiliar string or address, then the drop down will assume you'd rather search instead of going to the address. At least this has been my impression from testing it.

    I'd call this a bug, because it's not standard browser behaviour, but it's entirely possible it's working as intended. I have no idea.

  • I haven't tried this is Vivaldi, but in chrome you can do this by finishing the address with a "" character. This then forces a web page fetch rather than a search.

  • Sorry - my mistake. It should be a "/" character - as in ""

  • Doesn't work here. Opens google search for "name/"…

    Attaching a slash was one of the (opera / firefox) ways to force local hostname resolving... not in vivaldi, though

  • Explicitly specify the protocol (i.e. "http://localname"), then it wouldn't run to google.
    Really, the browser have no idea, if a word you typed is a local hostname or something you are searching for on internet.
    So, help him! Be more explicit!

  • So let me tell the browser - generically - that it shouldn't ever take a bareword as a search token but try hostname resolution with (default browser protocol) http. As most other browsers do - works in IE, FF, Opera < 15!

    For once, I'm using local hostnames all the time and explicitly typing http:// in front gets a bit tedious, as hostnames change every so often; second, I don't want any information to accidentally be sent to a search engine. I am old enough to actively request a search by typing a search keyword in front… <bareword>should be tried as a hostname while <g bareword="">should invoke whatever search engine has "g" as a shortcut.

    Especially as a Opera 12 user I got so used to it (and don't see any good reason why this shouldn't be possible - otoh turn on search in address bar and fire away at [your favorite search engine], fine with me. But there is an option called "search in address bar", and unchecking it doesn't work…</g></bareword>


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