Please Help: Opera Mail stopped syncing my mail

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    I'm assuming that this might be a good place to ask about old Opera 12 since the Opera 12 fanbase moved over to Vivaldi. Also it's kind of Vivaldis fault that is still have to use Opera as a mail client 😉

    Anyway, my huge issue is this: This morning Opera on Linux stopped syncing my four IMAP accounts. Initial cause of the issue could have been that I probably had run out of disk space for a few seconds.

    Now the thing is that I still can see all my mail, I can search it, I can send mail... but I don't receive any new incoming mails and the "sync" buttons don't provoke any kind of reaction. Just nothing happens. (Of course I've restarted the computer and the client a couple of times.)

    Any idea on how to fix this?

    I'm hugely dependant on those mailboxes in my personal and professional life and I've experienced in the past that "tampering" with them with other clients like Thunderbird or even the webmail-client of my provider causes unwanted effects e.g. messages go missing, unread messages being marked as read and vice versa. (Also I prefer the simplicity and speed of Opera mail.)

    I'm grateful for any advice!

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  • Hi @Gwen-Dragon
    Thank you very much for your reply. I followed this instructions and the database check was performed. (As far as I can see from the log, there were no isses found.)

    However this did not resolve the issue.

  • Not that myself or burnout won't answer in either forum - but my only advice would be to check the account details for all four accounts. Especially the authentication details, as if it was set to Auto it may change itself if it encountered a problem. Though if the disk was "momentarily full" as described that means any file that was in use at the time could have been corrupted, so check all the account details.

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  • Hi

    Thanks again. I've now made a similar topic on the Opera forums.

    Just to add some new insight here:

    I enabled logging for the mail client which seems to confirm my feeling that Opera simply stopped trying to establish any kind of IMAP connection.

    It does not even create any incoming logfile (while the outgoing logfile is immediately created when sending a mail).

    As I said: If I click on the sync button, nothing happens.

    I did review the account details, they look normal to me. I also changed and changed back some of it. Nothing seems to have any effect.

    I'm reluctant to delete and re-add the accounts since I fear that this would also lose the "old" messages that I can still access currently (at least).

  • Problem solved. See thread in the Opera forums. Thanks again!

    modedit added link to solution

  • Well a bit late to the party but I have to say that I wouldn't use Opera Mail for security reasons after all those years of its abandonment and would search for an alternative. It still displays contents using the abandoned Presto engine which could be full of holes after all. Long time ago while still waiting for Vivaldi's M3 to be released this year, I switched to , which is really great and very powerful. Unfortunately for OP it's not available for Linux and only supports 2 accounts in the free edition but its Pro edition which supports unlimited accounts is not that expensive either.

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