Bookmarks; Key shortcuts - two things I need

  • Hello. First of all, thank you. After a very looong time I finnaly found a browser that works how I wnat it to when it comes to saving passwords (DOMAIN+PATH not DOMAIN only). Really, thank you. From the browsers I know of only Maxthon 3 worked like that. Now, there are two more things I would like to see. First, to have an option to always open bookmarks in the new tab, not current one. Second one is to have an option to override functon keys(F1,F2,F3, etc) and assign a web page to them - like it is possible in Maxthon. One more thing I would love to see is an option to manually add password to the saved password list - in a way where I can specify what field should be filled with what value, and it would be even better if there could be more than 2 fields for an entry (login+password) Thanks, and keep up the great work! Kliwer

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    Try middle-click on bookmarks to always open in a new tab. That works in the latest snapshot build. (Developer Build) (32-bit)


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