Open link in new tab vs Open link in new window keyboard shortcuts

  • I've looked through Vivaldi settings and have been unable to find this option. I'd like, if possible, to reverse the keyboard shortcuts for "Open link in new tab" and "Open link in new window" so that they are consistent with other browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox). In Vivaldi, the defaults are:

    Shift click: Open in new tab
    Ctrl-shift click: Open in new window

    I'd like for them to be as they are elsewhere:

    Ctrl-shift click: Open in new tab
    Shift click: Open in new window

    Is this possible? Thanks!

  • Thank you, carpdeem,
    very good suggestion, relating especially new Vivaldians / browser changer as myself.
    Knowing well that dyed-in-the-whool Vivaldians are used to work with tabbing, others/news prefer working in windows - so the best would be the suggested configuration option.
    Bye - Tue

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    @TueTchen Vote for Command to Open a Link in a New Window

    Right-clicking on a link is currently the easiest method.

  • @Pesala I'll admit that I actually stopped using Vivaldi shortly after my original post, largely because of this inconsistent tab opening behavior. I started investigating alternative browsers again today and returned to Vivaldi which seemed perfect UNTIL I encountered this issue again. Because of the nature of my workflow, I constantly have 2-3 different browsers running simultaneously and can't keep track when an action that I use so frequently functions differently in one browser vs all the others. Is there any motion on this? I would LOVE to stick with Vivaldi because of all the wonderful customization options available and would find it ironic to be unable to use it because of one simple action that I CAN'T customize. Thanks again!

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    @carpdeeem The linked thread has only three upvotes.

    With over 2,920 feature requests, and a small team, those needed by few users or difficult to implement may have to wait for a long time. Wherever you see that a feature is tagged as In Progress, it may get done this year rather than next.

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