Windows 7 and 8 Privacy change

  • Microsoft have rolled-out the same invasive "talking back to home" functionality as Windows 10 has. Microsoft's CEIP (customer experience improvement program) claims to add only error collection functionality, which correct me if I'm wrong, but we already see when a program crashes (since Windows XP/2000). Currently each time I see a request to send info to Microsoft, I consider "do they need to know ?", and "do I want them to know ?" It is my choice if I send it or not. That has now changed. It is now harvesting data on how you use your PC, but never asks if that is OK to take. If you want to give your data that is your choice, but to have your usage data taken without consent is theft. If you wish to remove the 4 updates (KB3068708, KB3022345, KB3075249, KB3080149) that make your PC not private, follow this guide from GHacks

  • Uninstalled long ago & going to Linux sometimes this year ;}

  • It should be noted, that Windows 7 doesn't install this stuff by default.

    Only if you activate Automatic Updates (which are off by default) and tell them you also want to have "recommended" optional updates installed automatically, you get telemetry installed without further consent:

    Default Settings of Windows Update on Windows 7.

    If don't enable the checkbox under "Recommended", you will only get important security updates and no privacy-invading features.


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