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  • I had strange issues with the new Vivaldi 2.9 complaining I didn't have the proprietary video working which made me wonder. I'd got the chromium 76 codecs so I tried the 77 instead but I still had the same issue. I forget what I did but I clicked on something that came up and then followed it and an option which then fixed the problem and back to normal. It's very annoying when things like this happen when all has been well all the time up to that point of a new release. I wish I could remember what I did then I would tell you.

    *modedit split unrelated from

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    @uhm Thank you for reaching and sorry for the trouble.

    1. What is your Linux version and build?
    2. What is your Vivaldi version? (via Vivaldi menu
      Help → About and first line)
    3. Which CPU and RAM do you have?
    4. Which GPU and graphics hardware do you have?
      Are the drivers from chipset/card manufacturer up-to-date?
    5. Which is the output of vivaldi://gpu – any red or orange warnings?
      Copy the red and orange and paste here.
    6. Which extensions do you have installed? (via page chrome://system, row extensions and button Show...)
    7. Which security software do you have running (Firewall, antivirus, malwarekiller, etc)
    8. Which URL causes this issue?

    Again thank you for using Vivaldi.

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