Vivaldi Will not Open After Update

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    @TG2 Symantec already admitted it was their fault, so no point in arguing that.

    They claimed to have applied a fix for Chromium 79, (and therefore Vivaldi removed their registry hack to evade the error, in the new version of Vivaldi) but the fix doesn't actually work, so it is still pending whether Symantec will ACTUALLY fix their broken detection routine, or whether Vivaldi will have to re-institute the registry hack which insulates it from Symantec's interference.

    Here's the thing: Vivaldi works perfectly well on over a million Windows systems. Add Symantec, and Symantec silently prevents Vivaldi from running, with no notice to the user. If you have 3rd party software on your system which prevents other known and trusted software from running, it is NOT the fault of that other known and trusted software. It is the fault of the 3rd party software that is doing the blocking. Vivaldi is not enacting unwanted crippling of software. Symantec is.

    Here is Vivaldi's diplomatic boilerplate response to the issue:

    Thanks for reporting this issue, and sorry for the trouble!
    This sounds like an issue caused by Symantec Endpoint Protection/Norton antivirus.
    Unfortunately Symantec has not yet fully fixed the problem. Previous versions of Vivaldi worked because we had disabled a feature ("RendererCodeIntegrity") by default, due to this issue. The feature was re-enabled in Vivaldi version 2.10, after Symantec claimed it was fixed on their end, but unfortunately this fix was not comprehensive enough.
    For now, you can use this workaround to let you run the latest version of Vivaldi, until a proper fix is in place:

    Please keep an eye out for Symantec/Norton updates as well, in case they release a fix.
    I hope this helps, we will continue looking into this on our end. Thanks for your time and for using Vivaldi!
    Best wishes,"

    That's the truth of the matter. But the fact is, there is NO "security" software that never interferes with your system or your apps. They all do at some point. Just because you got off lucky for a long time with a brand of "security" software doesn't mean it's pure and perfect. They all interfere with your system to a greater or lesser degree.

  • @Pesala said in Vivaldi Will not Open After Update:

    @TG2 said in Vivaldi Will not Open After Update:

    you're telling me that in all of that experience .. that its just the move from 2.9 to 2.10 of vivaldi and now the problem is 100% nortons' fault?

    Actually due to a Chromium Update, and yes, false-positives are 100% the fault of AV programs. It is down to them to fix it, but a workaround have already been offered in this thread if you cared to read Gwen-Dragon's posts.

    And if YOU would bother to read that .. Norton has already released updates that correct their end of the problem.

    "Upgrade to Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2.x to address the incompatibility with Chrome on Windows 10 Creators Update, version 1703 or later and Windows Server 2019. "

    SO ... we come back to .. Installing 2.10 ... Vivaldi fails to start .. everything else is up to date .. and as I've mentioned in the Event Viewer are DCOM failures, these only happen with vivaldi 2.10 and not with 2.9! Problem is NOT just "norton"!

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    @TG2 said in Vivaldi Will not Open After Update:

    Norton has already released updates that correct their end of the problem.

    Yeah, not really. They claimed so, but that was not accurate.

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    @TG2 said in Vivaldi Will not Open After Update:

    And if YOU would bother to read that .. Norton has already released updates that correct their end of the problem.

    I should have appended my previous post with:

    I look forward to your angry letters...

    TG2, you are the one getting angry and suffering needlessly due to your wrong understanding of the problem.

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    Symantec did not fix it, they use whitelisted filenames, Chrome is chrome.exe, that is the reason it starts. Vivaldi is vivaldi.exe, it does not start. Vivaldi is not on their browser list.
    You can copy vivaldi.exe to chrome.exe in program dir and the exe starts.

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    Good news 🎉
    Symantec and Norton have just told us that they have pushed new updates via Symantec LiveUpdate, that is supposed to fix the issue for us. You will have to perform the update to benefit from this fix.
    Please let us know how it goes. 🙂

  • @gaelle It' s OK now , just installed 2.10 and it works perfect .

  • Pushed Norton update, restart and all good with Vivaldi opening. Upgraded to chrome /79.0.3945.118 and all is good so thanks.

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    Nice to read that users of Norton/Symantec software got updates and Vivaldi starts again without any patches. 👍

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