• Is there any place to download an adblocker extension for Vivaldi? I love this browser but I hate ads. Does anyone know if there are any plans to implement a built-in adblocker in the future?

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    You can use almost all the extensions in the google chrome store

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    @Akardos Welcome to the forums and enjoy Vivaldi Browser and also Vivaldi for Android. There are countless features and possibilities.

    In case it's not On, enable the Developer Mode:
    vivaldi://extension or Ctrl+Shift+E

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    @Akardos said in Adblocker?:

    implement a built-in adblocker in the future?

    Sorry, forgot this one. Actually, Vivaldi has its own Content Blocking, which avoid aggressive ads. it doesn't fit your needs, I know.

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    @Akardos said in Adblocker?:

    Is there any place to download an adblocker extension for Vivaldi? I love this browser but I hate ads. Does anyone know if there are any plans to implement a built-in adblocker in the future?

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    Welcome to our community. In Android you can use Blokada

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    If you are on Pie:

    DNS over TLS

    DNS over TLS | MIUI

  • I highly recommend using the combination of uBlock Origin & uMatrix, both from the same developer. uBlock Origin is *not* the same as uBlock, you don't want that one. To use blocking extensions most effectively does require some work.

    Both of my recommendations have Wikis on their GitHub pages, and spending the time to read through them does pay off -- you can then enable stricter blocking to provide yourself more protection than what you would get from any extension's default settings, if they don't break countless websites.

    It's probably best to start off with uBlock Origin, work through the wiki, enabling advanced settings when you're ready, and spending a little time learning how to fix the sites you regularly visit. Once you get the hang of it, it's rather quick & easy and you only need to do it once for a site, all future visits will then work as expected.

    After you're comfortable with uBlock Origin, uMatrix will bring you even greater control over your browser and what kinds of network connections can be made. Both the advanced settings and uMatrix are provided with the expectation that users are willing to do the work to educate themselves on how to use them, and to fix so-called "broken" sites by creating applicable filters & rules. All the necessary information is provided on the aforementioned wikis.

    Out of the box, uBlock Origin still provides great protection, comparable or superior to any similar extension in its default configuration. And the default configuration of uBlock Origin requires little intervention for sites to work.

    With uBlock Origin and uMatrix, I find no need for any other extensions related to blocking ads or trackers. Anything another blocker can do is covered by three combined functionality of these two extensions.

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    @bonetone, nano Adblocker &nano Defender are a good alternatives, also in GitHub

  • @LordOfTheNet1 It is discouraged to use two ad-blockers at the same time, as it can cause performance and usability issues. In fact, this is mentioned on the uBlock Origin website; and developer Raymond Hill specifically mentions AdBlock Plus as an add-on that is not recommended with uBlock Origin.

  • @LordOfTheNet1 I suspect in many cases you may be right there; though it may also be a case of developers wishing to encourage their users to exercise caution; as extension conflicts, particularly where extensions provide similar or related functionality, can and do happen. That being said, people's mileages can vary. If your setup works for you, then more power to you - after all, isn't that the point of Vivaldi? 😉


    @LordOfTheNet1 said in Adblocker?:

    @bonetone actually there is no real need to go through the advance settings, the defaults do work just fine. never use two from the same company. adblock plus and ublock origin work great together.

    Well, a couple of things, unlike AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin is not from a company -- it's an open source project by a guy who just enjoys writing the code for it. AdBlolock Plus on the other hand has a profit motive, which is why their extension (and the plain old uBlock (no Origin) which they also now own) come with certain ads whitelisted by default. If one is using uBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus is just redundant and unnecessary.

    With respect to running 2 at the same time, uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus are basically the same, except that ABP is a subset of UBO which has additional useful functionality. When it comes to running uBlock Origin and uMatrix together, they were actually unified as one extension at first called HTTPSwitchboard.

    The developer split them for several reasons, among them the two extensions use different approaches to blocking so functionally it made sense to separate them. It's not unlike running a firewall together with an executable monitor like anti-malware software. They could have been kept together as one extension, but that would also have presented a greater barrier to novice users.

    I think the current paradigm works well. Someone looking for an extension similar to AdBlock Plus that doesn't have a corporate profit motive behind it and does not have "acceptable ads" determined by the developer can use uBlock Origin. People who want even greater control over the traffic leaving their browser can also run uMatrix. It meets the needs of many different types of users. For some, the defaults aren't enough.

    @LordOfTheNet1 said in Adblocker?:

    @Crimsonshade i've been running it this way for years without issue. more likely the ublock devs are trying to push their program at the expence of others. almost all security software makers make this kind of claim and it typically never is true.

    There is only one dev, singular. And the whole at the expense of others logic makes no sense considering the dev even refuses to accept donations. He's not doing this for any financial gain whatsoever; he does it because he enjoys the programming and he shares it because he thinks it's worthwhile to give people control over what content is displayed in their browser, and over where their personal information gets sent.

    The reasons to not run ABP together with UBO are:
    • Other than the developer-selected acceptable ads whitelist, UBO can do anything ABP can.
    • Such redundancy means it's wasted resources to run both.
    • Having additional extensions installed, especially an unconventional combination like this, increases the uniqueness of your fingerprint and thus the ability for you to be tracked online.

    I hope this clears up any confusion one might have on the matter.

  • @LordOfTheNet1 said in Adblocker?:

    awful long post to try to bs me and others. as i've stated before ublock catches things adblock plus doesn't and adblock catch things ublock doesn't. keep you bs to yourself and don't respond to me again.

    Oh please. I'm not trying to bs anyone. What specifically does ADP catch that UBO does not? There are 2 reasons I can see that ADP would catch it and UBO wouldn't. Since you're running redundant extensions, one of them is going to execute first depending on which the browser calls. This doesn't mean the other would not have caught it. The other reason being you have one configured such that it isn't filtering for what the other is configured to filter.

    AdBlock Plus filter syntax is supported by uBlock Origin, which has also extended that syntax. Almost any filter that a person creates for themselves can be used by either extension. Except that the extended syntax UBO has implemented won't work in ABP, and the parts of the syntax that are for ADP's "acceptable" ads is not supported by UBO.

    uBlock Origin comes with many filter lists available in the settings, it only requires checking the box next to it to enable. Furthermore, any additional filter lists that a user wants can be easily added.

    It's important to understand that there isn't anything special that either extension is doing that makes it better at identifying what to block. All that is determined by the filter lists, which the developer is quick to point out in his explanation of why he doesn't accept donations, wants users to think of the people who maintain those lists instead. The default difference between the two extensions is that uBlock Origin comes with more filter lists and does *not* come with a default ads whitelist. One thing is certain, all those whitelisted ads AdBlock Plus does not block by default. Whether one extension or the other will block anything is only a matter of which filters are enabled, and that's up to the user to decide what s/he wants to block or allow.

    Finally, I'll reply to any thread where I want to contribute what I believe is useful information, and you are free to do the same. You're new here, we don't go around attacking people telling them where it's acceptable for them to post, this is a public forum not a personal blog, nor do we fly off the handle calling what they say bs. If you don't like what I say, you don't have to reply, but your free to do so within the code of conduct set by the admins. You'll find this place a welcoming community if you engage the material, and correct any incorrect information respectfully instead of resorting to personal attacks on your 8th day here.

    If you have technical details about what one extension is catching but the other isn't, that is definitely welcomed information. I would suspect it's merely a matter of configuring the extension correctly, except for the places where UBO has extended the syntax. But a calm & reasoned technical discussion is what I'm looking for.

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    nano Adblocker includes all of the uBlock filters and a lot of others

  • @bonetone said in Adblocker?:

    You're new here

    he's not, he's being banned multiple times for his bad attitude and language and just creates new accounts to continue with no changes to offend people freely.

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    @bonetone , it is simple, if an adblocker is good and effective, another is not needed, it is like to put 2 nails in the wall, one next to other, to hang a picture.
    All good adblockers use the same filters and if necessary, allow to import more.

  • Ublock Origin is good. For the longest time I was an Adblock Plus fan (from almost day one on Firefox back). It used to work fine there, but on Chrome, it is not so good now, it is acceptable, but things get through from time to time. So I swapped to Ublock for a change, and I have zero complaints, not even the sniff of an advert.... So far.

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