Feedback {on Search in address field and Update}

  • There are 2 things on the browser I find annoying. I hope you take as positive feedback.

    • I wish vivaldi didn't ask to update, just do it automatically.
    • And it din't show the "Search with Google" on the address bar.

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    modedit title more descriptive

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    @lIIl The thread title could be more descriptive.

    1. Vote for Allow Automatic Update of the Browser
    2. What is your default search engine? Do you want to show the search field in the address bar? Go to Settings, Search.

    Search with Vivaldi.png

    1. Is a duplicate, even better, there was a mod posted in the thread that will remove that from the address bar for you -- no need to wait for an uncertain future feature.

  • @Pesala I actually want it to not show. It just makes us need to press the down arrow key twice to enter the wanted address. 👍

  • @Pesala I don't see why autoupdate would be bad. Less clicks are always best

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    @lIIl There are several reasons why autoupdate is disliked by some users. Not least of those is that it can kick in while you're working, so it must only update on restarting the browser. Even then, some might prefer to wait until they have some free time to verify that the update does not break something important to them.

    I disable it because the autoupdater is another running process that I don't need. As a frequent visitor to the forums I usually know about updates within hours of them appearing.

    For something that one does once a week at most, one or two fewer clicks is irrelevant.

  • In my view the best solution is for updating to have 3 modes and the user picks which parts to enable:

    • all automation off
    • automatically check for updates & notify when updates are available
    • automatically install updates when available

    Users who don't want excess processes running can turn it off. Users who want to be notified of updates can still have control over when they are applied. Users who want everything automated can do so.

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