How to get earlier versions of the install ".deb" file?

  • I currently run Vivaldi (version 2.6.something) on various Pi 3s (running Raspbian Jessie - yes, I know it is old, but "upgrading" is not an option) and it all works fine.

    I am also running Vivaldi version 2.8.something, on a Pi 4 running Buster (latest Raspbian) and it also works fine.

    I recently needed to set it up on another Pi 3, and decided, quite naturally, to get the latest ".deb" file from the download section. However, this did not work and led to much pain and pulling of hair.

    Eventually, I figured out that the 2.8 version does not work on the Pi 3. It seems to me that they only support the latest and greatest, and while understandable from a corporate point-of-view, you can see how this policy causes problems for people like me.

    As it turns out, I was, entirely by luck, able to locate and use an old Vivaldi 2.6 ".deb" file that just happened to be laying around on one of my systems (in the /var/cache/apt/archives directory - good thing I hadn't done an "apt-get clean" on that machine!). I was able to copy that file over to the new machine and get Vivaldi up and running on that Pi 3 machine. Yey!!!

    But, of course, it leads one to ask (and this is the point of this post/thread), could I have gotten the old version of the DEB from the site? That's what I really want to know.

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    ⚠ Warning: Using older versions may break your browser profile f.ex. Login database.

  • OK, so to clarify, you are saying that that URL (the one you gave, with "archive" in it) contains older versions?

    Anyway, thanks for the warning, but, of course, since the newer versions don't work at all, it can be assumed that I don't have any existing data structures (that might be harmed by running an older version).

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    @joeschmoe40 Yes, that is the archive page containing links to older versions.

  • Let me put this question directly:

    Is the latest version (of Vivaldi for Raspberry Pi) supposed to work on older hardware/OS? Specifically, should I be able to run the latest (versions 2.8 or 2.9) on an Rpi 3B, running Raspbian Jessie?

    And, if not, is the problem the hardware (Rpi 3B) or is it the OS (older version of Raspbian)?

    To be clear: It doesn't work now. But is this something that Vivaldi will fix or is it "just the way it is"?

    I ask because there is one particular site that I can access OK in Vivaldi 2.8 (on the Pi 4B running Buster) that I would like to (but cannot) access on my 3B running Jessie.

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    @joeschmoe40 The ARM versions of Vivaldi are always experimental.
    I do not know if it will work.
    Give it a try.
    If it does not work, ask in forum Vivaldi browser for ARM (Raspberry Pi) and report a bug by Vivaldi menu → Help.

    More tipps:

  • That's my question:

    IS IT A BUG?

    I know that it doesn't work - and I've reported that several times in this very forum (the one to which you were, for some reason, directing me towards).

    My question is: Is it expected?

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