Vivaldi no longer playing vids on Xfinity

  • Hi,

    All of a sudden Xfinity streaming stopped working. You click a button to play nothing happens.
    I checked to see if plugin option had been deselected and the option was suddenly gone (this was all functional 24hrs ago)
    I reinstall vivaldi the plugin option for flash appears so I select it.
    Still doesn't work
    I reinstall flash
    Check option is still selected.
    Still doesn't work?
    Please help

    I'm on the latest version of Vivaldi for Windows. Have plugin for win 64 flash and option is selected.

  • I was recently reading that you could no longer play Xfinity videos at all in Linux since they were requiring the highest level of DRM available (through the widevine plugin) and the Linux version of widevine simply does not support that level ... my first guess would be that your problem similarly involves widevine.

  • @CyberDragon Welcome to the Vivaldi Forum!

    Do you have an example of such a video or do you need to be a customer to see them?

    Are you sure the site requires Flash installed? Most online video these days does not use flash at all for playback. What makes you think it's related to Flash?

    You are a paying customer I assume - have you contacted Xfinity support about this?

  • @Pathduck Thanks for your reply. Yeah you have to be a paying customer unfortunately. The site definitely requires flash because the day before it would prompt me the first time and ask me to enable it. This box no longer appears. I have no contacted Xfinity yet as there support is god awful and am trying to avoid that if possible.

  • @sgunhouse thanks for replying... the widevine plugin also shows enabled but I am not familiar with it. The reason I am thinking this is flash was that flash was being prompted on this site the day before and it is no longer doing that,. I also got a message earlier mentioning flash but it stopped throwing the error after reinstall and now the buttons just do nothing,

  • If you want to check on Flash, go to Adobe's test page and see. If you see what looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece, the you click on the lock or globe icon in the address bar and enable it for that site

    Obviously if you get Flash working on the test page (and if you have what they list as the latest version) you could repeat the procedure on Xfinity and see if it helps - but probably not.

  • The check if the player actually is Flash - right-click on the player area itself (not the page) and look at the menu. Flash has its own context menu with Zoom, Quality, Loop and so on, as well as version at the bottom. If it's not then the video is likely not Flash.

    Flash is being phased out of most browsers these days, and support for it will be gone by 2020. So if your provider still uses it might be time to look for another. It could be considered extremely lazy for any big company like that to still use Flash for content these days. After next year you'd probably need to go back to IE to use Flash.

    Also: Make sure you're accepting third-party cookies for the site. If you're unsure, check Vivaldi Settings > Privacy > Cookies and check that you're not blocking those.

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  • I too recently experienced same issues as CyberDragon. Xfinity Stream which I use daily was working very well with Vilvaldi as it produced the sharpest video resolution of all my browsers. But suddenly it also stpped working a few days ago. I have gone back to previous Vivaldi versions, checked the Flash switch to make sure it is enabled, uninstalled Vivaldi and re-installed, etc. When selecting a show to watch the screen simply shows no response, no error message, etc. I can then open Firefox or Google Chrome and it works without issue.

  • @sgunhouse

    I have the latest version of flash. I also have flash enabled in the lock as well as have gone into site preferences and enabled anything that looked like it could be preventing it. Still having same issue 😞

  • @Pathduck Unfortunately the player launches in a seperate window so that is not possible on this site. not sure what else to do at this point. I liked vivaldi due to privacy I really do not want to have to keep using chrome and firefox never works on there for me.. They have phased out IE. They are supposed to be chrome friendly and since this is a chrome core with privacy upgrades i figured it was a good bet. IT has worked fine for several months. it is a shame if I can't get this going I really like the browser.

  • @SterlingPaul99

    Yeah that is what I am using also -- the xfinity stream via desktop. I dont know what happened unless Comcast decided to change something at their end. Calling them is pointless as they are clueless and read off a script.. I've had other issues with them that they never resolve but they have no issue charging me an exorbitant monthly fee. If you figure it out please post.

  • @CyberDragon said in Vivaldi no longer playing vids on Xfinity:

    Unfortunately the player launches in a seperate window so that is not possible on this site.

    I don't really understand what you mean here. How is the player launching in a separate window stopping you from right-clicking the player?

    Did you, including @SterlingPaul99, try to first check Flash by going to the Adobe Flash site as posted above? Or any other Flash-playing site? This will at least confirm if Flash is working correctly or not.

    Did you try this in a Guest Profile to exclude any setting in your profile?

    Did you check your cookie settings for the site?

    Did you try with disabling all extensions first and trying again?

    Problem solving is mostly a process of elimination. And since few other users are able to verify your problems, you need to do this process yourself. There is no silver bullet for this.

  • @GraveDigger said in Vivaldi no longer playing vids on Xfinity:

    please don't tell people to except third party cookies when they don't need to. this actually has nothing to do with why xfinity streaming is working.

    This is part of a process of elimination - often not accepting 3rd party cookies causes embedded media to not play, especially is said media is hosted on another domain/CDN. Users need to at least be aware there is such a setting and check if they might have set it (default is to accept). They can then verify if this is a cause or if it can be ignored.

    If you have any idea why the site is not working, as it seems you have - please do tell 😉

  • @Pathduck
    I too have the same issue which started at the same time. The first thing I did was to search for a Vivaldi update and install it - no change. What happens is while on the xfinity channel streaming window, I click to watch a video, and essentially nothing happens, but I have noticed that if I click more than once, the page kind of locks up and I will also lose the scroll bar on the right of the page. At this point I cannot scroll down my list of 1800 xfinity channels unless I reload the page.
    One thing that always happens after a Vivaldi update, is that I have to redirect the browser to accept flash. This time the browser did not indicate I needed to enable flash.
    I have been watching my xfinity sports through the Edge browser, which also requires flash to stream xfinity, and obviously still works.
    All this did happen around the time of the most recent MS Windows 10 update, so I guess it is conceivable there is some kind of conflict going on here between Vivaldi, Windows 10 and xfinity, which is why I mention the scroll bar disappearing on my streaming page.
    I have not tried disabling all extensions and uninstalling Vivaldi, but the update I did is essentially a reinstall. This problem occurred with my making no changes to Vivaldi at all. One day I was streaming xfinity, and the next I was not. I do not allow Vivaldi to automatically update. The only change was this occurred shortly after I believe I received the latest Windows 10 update, but now I do not remember exactly how closely. Possibly xfinity did change their technical requirements, but it seems this would be strange to do without notifying their customers. I did receive an xfinity email on 10/19 saying I would not be able to access my email on the 20th, but other than that, I do not believe there was any change out of the ordinary, and this issue did not arise on the 20th - it arose this week.

    I do know I do not like the current state of affairs as I generally much prefer using the Vivaldi browser over Edge, and right now running both uses much more resources on my computer, which is not any high end computer, and the limited resources is noticeable.

  • @Pathduck When you you click play it launches a separate tab (I mispoke on window)
    Flash has been tested and reinstalled and tested again according to adobe it works
    Cookies are enabled
    I have no extensions enabled other than flash and default

    Have not done guest profile.

    Me experience is pretty much similar to @bcreighton7

  • @bcreighton7
    I downloaded the most recent Vivaldi 2.9 update, and Vivaldi still would not stream xfinity. It still does not ask me to enable flash either.

  • @CyberDragon
    I just got Xfinity working on Vivaldi by overriding the JavaScript on
    I don't know if it's appropriate for me to explain exactly how to do that here (let me know if you think it's okay), but I will say that it is a pretty simple fix and the reason it's not playing is because Xfinity is simply blocking browsers that are not on their lists. It's not flash and it's not DRM. They are blocking everything that is not Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox... maybe one or two others, I forget. It's actually being blocked before you even get to the page that renders the video. As some other people mentioned, you click on something and it doesn't appear to do anything at all. It does print errors in the console, though, which is how I figured out my solution You can also try the User Agent Switcher extension, but that didn't fix it for me. I had to override the JavaScript with an local copy, but it's possible that you need to have the User Agent Switcher set to a supported browser (mine is set to Firefox on Windows) in addition to the JavaScript tweak.

  • @trippybicycle
    I want to thank you for your response, however, I am somewhat technically challenged, and need some help overriding the javascript. I have been in contact with xFinity, and my conclusion is essentially that this is not going to change. They suggested using Chrome. I told them Vivaldi uses the Chromium engine, and that it used to stream fine, but that one day it did not, and that I had not updated Vivaldi, so the change seemed to be on their end. This did not phase the lady who called me. She is just giving me the corporate response to which I alluded that I did not appreciate simply getting locked out without any warning.

    I am unable to PM you with your current settings, but if you would be so kind feel free to PM me on how to override the javascript on, that would be awesome. Thanks.

  • I am amending my comments to show that I have now gotten Xfinity to work on Vivaldi again! Finally! When the Xfinity lady called today she asked me to try the streaming again - with the same result - it did not work. But after posting above, I realized I could try turning on my user agent, which I did. I set the browser user agent to appear as the most recent rendition of Chrome for Windows 10, and voila! I now have Xfinity streaming again on Vivaldi without any javascript overrides. So other Vivaldi users can try this too. It just goes to show that Xfinity did block Vivaldi. If they think it is Chrome(which it essentially is), you should be able to stream just fine.

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