Why is the forum seen by everyone, including guests?

  • [hide]Because of this, I need to hide each post I make in the forum. But even doing so, it is apparent to guests (ie to everyone on the net) that I have posted on the forum. Personnally, I don't like that.[/hide]

  • There are open forums and there are closed secretive clubs. Here is the former. You will need to find the latter for your purposes.

  • [hide]I thought Vivaldi protected privacy.
    If whenever I post on the forum, the fact that I do so is seen by everyone, this isn't private.[/hide]

  • Privacy in email. Publicity in blogs and forums.

  • [hide]It would be too bad if this policy were maintained.[/hide]

  • @ersi:

    Privacy in email. Publicity in blogs and forums.

    You can set your blog posts to private and even give password restricted access to friends of yours.

    To answer to the topic:

    Forums, unless they are pure adult (aka porn) forums or trading something illegal like stolen credit card information and as such do not want to be found, should be public and nobody should be forced to subscribe to read the articles. That would be against the very meaning of the word forum - which was a public market place in the ancient Roman Empire.

    The same rules as in the old Rome apply in virtual forums like this one:
    If you don't want someone to know something, don't say or write it in a public place ;)

  • Perhaps you might explain why you want everything hidden. Can't see the point myself, it seems a terrible idea.

  • @booBot:

    Nitpicking aside - forums must be visible and readable for everyone.

    Totally agree. Preventing me to access attachments or even disallowing me to see forum posts is a guaranteed way to make sure I not even consider registering and rather not visiting again ever. I have the feeling I'm not the only one who thinks so.

    It's like telling guests to go away.

    Also in worst case it will prompt some people to register throwaway accounts with temporary e-mail adresses. This is likely not desirable for the forum operators and users.

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