Delete All Cookies action in Privacy-Cookies section of the Settings

  • Hello, I have noticed a possible annoyance in your Privacy-Cookies section. The first time I used this utility, I entered "amazon" as the filter term and three cookies from showed in the list (see attachment). I clicked on "Delete All Cookies" to delete the results of the search, because I am used to FireFox, and that's how they have it set up. It makes sense to me--for example, if my filter term resulted in a list of 30 cookies, I don't have to scroll and press the "x" 30 times. And why would there be a Delete All Cookies button showing at the bottom of the results window unless it is for deleting the found items? Well, I found to my dismay that it did indeed delete ALL my cookies and not just the listed ones. I suggest that you either change the display so that the button disappears when a search is done, or you change the behavior of the button so that it only deletes the found cookies. Perhaps in the latter case the button should say something like "Delete All in List". This is only a minor annoyance for me. I am very impressed with Vivaldi Browser and am beginning to enjoy using it. For example, the idea that I could select a number of tabs and tile them in one view had never occurred to me. Thank you so very much for bringing back the fun. Since this browser and its inspiration, the early Opera, reference classical music, I am going to start calling Vivaldi the HighBrowser because listening to classical music is a highbrow activity. :lol: Thanks again, Norio Attachments: [img][/img]

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