Snapshot - A quick fix for languages and improved tab selection for easier tiling

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    [quote=ruario]We wanted to get an extra snapshot out today, to correct the issue with native languages not being used in [url=]yesterday's snapshot[/url]. But that is not the only improvement; more work has been done on the cookie manager, we fixed an issue with excessive GPU memory usage, fixed an annoying bug with desktop icons refreshing on Windows and tab selection has been greatly improved.[/quote] [b] Changelog VB-1955 Cookie manager needs some love: click whole row to expand cookie; cookie filtering updated VB-8685 Tab selection not visible: High-contrast assured for all 4 themes VB-8739 Non-English languages are not used VB-5796 Refresh of desktop icons after Vivaldi start and SpeedDial reload SVG animation fix: Wrong color in light UI/active tab fixed Fix for excessive GPU memory usage when many tabs are open Last modified on Friday, 28 August 2015 07:35[/b]

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