Vivaldi has stopped working for me

  • After an easy download, Vivaldi worked fine for me on my Win 7, Dell all-in-one desktop. I was really glad to have the new browser being so similar to the old Opera. However, yesterday Vivaldi stopped working properly, after only working for about two days. I have removed the original download and tried to download Vivaldi again. I've downloaded from the Vivaldi website. I've done this several times. Now all I get is a red V icon on the taskbar. When I click on that all I get is a "welcome to Vivaldi community" message in a small box appearing in the left lower part of the screen. I cannot see any web pages. All my other browsers are working properly. Any suggestions?

  • One possibility that comes to mind is Vivaldi does open, but it opens somewhere off the screen. Have you checked task manager to ensure that all the Vivaldi processes open?

    Here's a thread that seems similar to what you're describing.

    And here's a post by gdveggie describing a fix.

  • Yay! That solved the problem. Thanks for your great response Tiamarth. I was able to find the page; now I just need to figure out how to keep it visible .


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