Introducing SMS verification for new Vivaldi Accounts

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    One of the biggest menaces that we have come across is spam that continues to hamper community spirit. Spam is a huge waste of time and resources. Sneaky spammer tactics are a huge obstacle and we’ve been working on tackling this issue for a long time.

    Now that we have a solution, we’d like to share it with you so that we can continue to create a safe space for a thriving community.

    Read more about this new change here:

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    @gaelle Some notes:

    • The page says "Nexmo" but the privacy policy is for "Vonage" - I see theres's some kind of subsidiary relationship, but this a bit confusing. at first.
    • "We store your information until it is no longer necessary to provide the services" - I take it to mean they don't store it at all, because as far as I'm concerned this activity can be carried out almost immediately
    • "Syncing browser data [...]: email verification only." - Excellent! I was hoping that would be the case. We don't want to turn away potential users of the browser.

    I reckon this is a good change to make, even if it does require use of a 3rd party service.

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    How does this work with a landline?

    I don't have a mobile. Have you got a mobile?

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    @Pesala I think most UK landlines can receive SMS messages which are stored in a mailbox, but it's been a long time since I've used that so I don't know how it works any more. You raise a good point.

  • @Pesala the SMS will be sent via regular mail, give it 3-7 days for delivery. 😉

    "Don't you all guys have phones?"
    (Wyatt Cheng/Blizzard, at Blizzcon 2018)

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    @Pesala said in Introducing SMS verification for new Vivaldi Accounts:

    How does this work with a landline?

    I don't have a mobile. Have you got a mobile?

    There is a phone call option where the activation code is read out to you.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @jwsbat Perhaps you do not see the Spam in the forum. I do report such "issues" when I see them and someone has to take care of it afterwards. It makes sense to implement such measures.

  • Are you serious?
    Do you think, people will spread their personal mobile phone number just to get write access to a forum?

    Bad decision to "secure" forum accounts by SMS verification.

  • @jochen01 Help reduce the Spam arriving at the Forum such as Bangalore Help Center and best Financial Aid Services and that countermeasure can be removed immediately. In fact Spam has recently increased hence the means.

  • @Kahukura, are you talking about the forum or blogs? I have never seen spam on the forum, but I see hundreds of spam comments on blogs(you don't need an account on Vivaldi to write a comment on blogs platform, so 2FA will not solve the issue).

    P.S. SMS is the worst way of 2FA and I'm happy that many users see that.

  • @Semenov-Sherin Here at they pop up frequently. I am mostly reading here.

  • It is not for forum or sync, only blog and email.
    Did anybody read the article? party

    Cheers, mib

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    I will create a new account just to add Vivaldi as a contact!

    Birthday cards
    Christmas best wishes...


    😂 😂 😂

  • @mib2berlin You can use your new Vivaldi Account exactly where afterwards?

  • @kahukura
    Hi, if I understand correctly a new user has to verify per SMS if he/she want to use blog and/or Vivaldi mail.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin Yes I understood that but the ID can be used for everything else like the Forum as well, can't it?

  • If this is TLDR for you:
    SMS is the works way of 2FA and if verification by phone number is required, I can not recommend this browser to my friends anymore. I never asked for this and I will never use it!

    I love Vivaldi and I really think today this is one of the most promising browsers, but in moments like this I almost hate the team!

    – How to change recovery email?
    – No way.
    – OK, how to change my nickname?
    – No way.
    – How to choose a name for the blog?
    – No way, we will use you nickname as URL for your blog.
    – But I can not change my nickname, why?
    – Because Vivaldi is more than just a forum.

    Come on! I never asked you for email service and I never asked you for a blog. It worked and for me it worked well, but then you add new features that I didn’t ask for and make me inconvenient.

    SMS is the works way of 2FA and I will never use it! Did I ask for this? Nope! But you do this again and now the only what I can do is just accept unacceptable for me conditions. Great work, guys!

    New roles work for new users only. OK, but what if a new user has the same view on world like me? Are you sure you really can save my phone number? Are you sure we can trust your partners? 2FA via SMS must be optional!

    This is not about security, this is not about privacy, this is about spam. Hera are tons of smap and this is problem. So just add a CAPCHA. If verification by phone number is required, I can not recommend this browser to my friends anymore.

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    Spam is an evil that increases in any social network and pages that allow comments. Although it does not make me very happy to use an SMS to confirm a registration, it is an efficient method to avoid spam, since current spambots are able to solve many captchas better than me. Although I do not know, if it is so advisable to use a third party service for this. Perhaps a method to prevent spam is delaying the confirmation of registration, it would be more advisable, since most spamers use a temporary fake mail that expires in less than one hour, as I have seen in some forums, with what they have managed to reduce spam considerably. No spamer waits so long for confirmation to register, but I think a real user would accept this small inconvenience.

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