Address bar and menu improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1697.4

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s snapshot resolves the known issues from the last snapshot, improves the address bar and menus, and updates Chromium.

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  • First!

  • Vivaldi Team

    @olli: I have to ask, RSS feed or constant reload?

  • @ruario: Discord / Random reload.. A nice mix

  • I don't know what status of VB-58448 is, but it was fixed for me with this build. Thanks.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @olli: Whatever works, works I guess 😃

  • Vivaldi Team

    @hunk: Probably fixed by some of the other Address Bar work. Thanks for confirming that it is fixed.

  • still no way to zoom for the panels how many years now??

  • @jonjon49: a statusbar in the panel would be great

  • Please fix tab muting. It was perfect until you "fixed" it two versions ago. Now V still mutes a tab even after other sound tabs have been closed. It worked exactly as intended before the "fix". Thanks.

  • Since MacOS Catalina the menu-bar menu "Windows" is is broken somehow: New entrys since Catalina "Arrange windows on the left side of the screen" and "Arrange windows on the right side of the screen" are appearing
    not just once, but several times. A bug or a regression?

  • [Extensions][Regression] Hidden state is not remembered (VB-58390)

    Good. After updating, all extensions were shown, after hiding them again and restarting, all hidden ones are still hidden.

  • With the most recent update, right-clicking on pages, or opening the menu and showing the sub-menus, shows a white flash (the size of that relevant menu) before showing the actual menu.

    I am using Manjaro Cinnamon.

  • Great update, love the address bar fixes, some real annoyances fixed there. Especially VB-57553 since it was mine 😉

    Pretty good so far, no CSS mod breaks either 🙂

    But it appears maybe edge case of VB-58450, if search engine has no Suggest URL it will remember the last suggestions from another engine:


    Edit; Discovered I actually reported this as VB-54949 so I guess it wasn't part of this fix.

  • Moderator

    @Thot I've also noticed some issues with the Windows menu, even on older versions of macOS, where the section that lists open tabs can get into a weird state and even show nonexistent tabs. The problem goes away when I restart Vivaldi but I haven't found what triggers it yet. I've mentioned this issue internally but haven't filed a bug since I don't have reliable steps-to-reproduce.

  • Since several builds ago I can't download files from some sites. E.g. Google - Contacts - Export: Vivaldi opens the Save dialog and when I click on "Save as..." button, nothing happens. Any idea?

  • Itsa me, the annoying person, with your snapshot reminder!

    Requesting revert or fix of VB-55082: Opening a link on a different virtual desktop than the one Vivaldi is in will open a new window, instead of switching virtual desktops and opening it on the main Vivaldi window.

  • Suddenly microphone stoped working, e.g. in Google Chat/Hangouts.
    Debian 32-bit, pulseaudio.
    The last release version, 2.8.1664.38-1, works properly.

  • Main menu now opens right under cursor like this:
    alt text
    And that leads to unintentional click onto first element of the menu list.
    Win7SP1 x64, OPT: Use Native Window = ON

  • I installed 1697.4 today, but the result was the same as 1692.4 case.
    After installation, Vivaldi did not run automattically, can not be activated even clicking the desktop Vivaldi icon and I found no entry in task manager, Compleleyy No activation of vivaldi.
    Then I uninstalled 1697.4, and re-installed 1675.11, and everything is OK.
    Could you give me any sugestion for this problem.

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