Site specific settings: suggestions on how to handle showing/setting to browser-wide settings

  • One of classic Opera's great features was its site-specific functions, but there was one aspect that could have used improvement: Namely, it would have been better if it allowed you to explicitly see whether a setting was at its current state because that was the browser-wide setting, or whether it was in that state as a site-specific customization. So, for when Vivaldi gets a site-specific settings dialog (as I'm guessing it will), I'd like to suggest something along the lines of the following. (I don't claim these are necessarily the best ways to achieve the goal. If someone has a more user-friendly method of achieving the same thing with a different UI, feel free to chime in too, with a description or mockup or whatever.) (I'm using Opera 12 site preferences to illustrate, since Vivaldi doesn't yet have its own dialog for it.) [img][/img]

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