add vivaldi on ccleaner

  • i have vivaldi (portable) AND chrome (portable)
    on .ini file of ccleaner i have add:
    and this work.
    but if i want add also vivaldi on ccleaner.... how to?

    modedit moved from Home > Vivaldi Browser > Vivaldi browser for Windows

  • @swanx Vivaldi is detected by CCleaner as Chrome and the same settings apply there.
    I just add the following as custom directories as well since they are not cleaned by CCleaner for Chrome:
    Code Cache
    Service Worker

    However if you wanted to add Vivaldi the default user profile directory is:
    c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\

    A little Google-fu found me this:
    A bit overkill for my use and very easy to mess things up IMO, but you can take the risk I guess...

  • sorry, my english is very poor...
    i don't understand (at your link): it is possible or not add to ccleaner chrome AND vivaldi for cleaning??

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