Minor update (4) for Vivaldi 2.8

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    This update upgrades Chromium to 77.0.3865.121 to address various security issues from upstream.

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    ⚠ Windows ⚠
    🔥 Stable breaks Snapshot profiles if you do have Snapshot installed for a user. A Vivaldi update will restart the Stable and this will open the Snapshot profile and kill all logins. 😈

    VB-30141 "Update of Stable or Snapshot craps current user's Vivaldi profile"

    Vivaldi browser needs separate profile management on Windows for Stable and Snapshot and the updater should not restart with a wrong profile.
    I hate losing my profile data!

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  • 4th
    Updated to 2.8.1664.44

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Minor update (4) for Vivaldi 2.8:

    Stable breaks Snapshot profiles if you do have Snapshot installed for a user.

    Ouch. Luckily I'm happy with only running Snapshots, but I can imagine this is a big issue for the Sopranos who need to have both installed.

    That's an old VB-number by the way - must have been reported years ago?

    What do you mean by "kill all logins"? The profile folder is reset or broken in some way?

  • I switched from Opera two years ago and everything is fine 👍 Continue in the same vein 😉

  • I don't know what kind of cake it is, but I'd like some!

  • Vivaldi Team

    @pathduck: The bit that is missing is that she has defined custom user data directories via the command line switch --user-data-dir= embedded in the start up links for both installs and the issue would appear to be that the updater does not carry over the command line switches. It should, I agree that is a bug but to be clear this is not something that is likely to happen to most users as I think it is unlikely that most users launch two streams with different user-data-dirs when that can more easily be handled via stanalone installs.

  • Vivaldi Team

    AFAIK (and a windows dev can feel to correct me) but the updater executable is basically the Chrom(e|ium) so the same issue would almost certainly appear there as well if someone launched in this way.

    Note: I have not double checked this but it seems likely.

  • @nekomajin: based on the colors & the surrounding elements, I'd say it's a "candy corn" cake. Happy Halloween!

  • i am opera user from 7 years. but today install after 1 years vivaldi again. vivaldi is very better than old. and i pick defult browser is vivaldi. vivaldi is in all thing very better than opera example start time , cpu and ram usage , good cach load site for other time visit sites , many feather and costumize all things ,.... opera only in one thing better from vivaldi and this have opera with vpn. tanx for all thing brow . i good suggest have vivaldi in other times.

  • i suggest other thing . please example opera create selection popup for search and copy . this is small vut very lovely and good things.

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