Snapshot - Visual tab cycler and better cookie management

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi y'all! Snapshot is out! Today's snapshot includes our initial version of a visual tab cycler and better cookie management. The Tab Cycler: When cycling through many tabs using the keyboard (Ctrl+Tab), it can be tricky to know which tab will appear next. Particularly so, when cycling in recently used order—Vivaldi's default setting. A tab cycler solves that problem by displaying the list of tabs in the same order and giving your extra visual clues such as page title and a thumbnail. Included is our initial implementation. To enable it, open “Settings (Preferences on Mac)” and navigate to “Tabs → Tab Cycling → Cycle Tabs Visually”. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • NO Localization ?

  • @Aaron:

    NO Localization ?

    Known issues

    • Vivaldi is only shown in English
    • Autoupdate to this version is disabled—we don't want to update people to a language they are uncomfortable with
    • Tabs opened in the background can't be switched to via Ctrl+Tab


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