Backspace key problem - Windows 10 - *Not* specifically a Vivaldi problem.

  • Hi, everyone - as you can see from the subject heading, this is a Windows 10 question, not just a Vivaldi question, but I'm asking here since I haven't found any answers to it on Google and members of this forum have been very helpful.

    Here's the deal. I have a fairly new Asus (2019) laptop which is very fast, has lots of memory, an SSD drive, does everything perfectly except... the backspace key regularly stops functioning.

    Happily, I have discovered that if I press the left shift key simultaneously with pressing the backspace key, it works just as it should.

    I've tried various solutions, all of which have to do with turning off the sticky keys or the filter keys or deleting the keyboard in the device manager, rebooting, downloading an 'updated' driver, etc., and I have my backspace key back! For about three minutes.

    I've attached various other 'remedies.

    One of them had to do with disabling the touchpad (I have no touchpad so that was not much of a sacrifice) and trying other, external keyboards. To no avail. What that has shown me is that the problem is not the keyboard. The keyboards are clean and new and work fine otherwise but the backspace key doesn't play along - unless I press the left 'shift' key.

    So I'm baffled. I have changed things in the Registry before and I can do that again if I absolutely have to but it's not my favorite way to try to fix things. I will much appreciate any thoughts about this you can send my way. Oh, I have the newest version of Win 10 plus have installed all the latest updates.

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  • Well, no idea what it could be. But generally, as a paying customer you are entitled to support, from either Asus, Microsoft or the place you bought the thing. Corporate support systems are horrible and frustrating but sometimes it's the only way to go. Maybe it's a known problem, it could save you hours of try random "solutions" found on the net.

    Also pre-installed laptops usually come with lots of useless vendor-specific "helper" applications running. Might be an idea to uninstall some of these or stop them running on startup using Autoruns:

    Try to disable things there, reboot and see if anything breaks. Should be safe to disable things under Logon, Winlogon.

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    Do you have any ASUS extra programs running? May be that interferes with the left Shift and Backspace key.

  • @Pathduck Hi, Pathduck - thanks for your response. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Right after I wrote this post the other day, my Internet went out and I could only get back on earlier this afternoon.
    I have thus not yet contacted ASUS but I've also had poor experiences with corporate support. I will get back to the problem this evening. Happily my laptop did not come with extra ASUS junk or at least none I found. I will start disabling everything I find which might be contributing to the problem and post back here if I figure it out.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Hi, Gwen-Dragon . Thanks for responding to my post. My Internet has been out and the service guy just got here this afternoon so I've been 'Internet-less' except for my cell phone on satellite all weekend. To answer your question, I do not have any extra ASUS programs running that I know of. I will start examining in more detail this evening after I clear up the backlog of things I have not been able to do for days.

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    @lwdgrfx I can not imagine that the left key functions as a key to toggle something. I only know about active numlock causing trouble.

    Try to get from ASUS website software for your laptop:

    • latest BIOS
    • lastest keyboard driver
      and update them.

  • HI, again, Gwen-Dragon - I have the newest keyboard driver. I have not yet tried to get the newest BIOS - I'm simply juggling too much work at the moment, but I will. Thanks for the response.

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