Snapshot fix for DRM'd content on macOS — Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1692.4

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    Today’s snapshot includes a collection of different bug fixes and improvements, and updates Chromium to 78.

    Known Issues

    • The macOS version is an earlier build due to Apple having issues notarizating developer’s applications quickly enough, following the Catalina update: while there are changes between 1691.4 and 1692.4, they are not things that most people would notice and hence the changelog below is valid.
    • [Regression] Disabling “Settings → Address bar → Address Auto-Complete → Always Prefer Bookmarks” breaks search in the URL field (VB-58716)
    • [Linux][Regression] Widevine is installed with 600 permissions (VB-58717)
      Workround: sudo chmod -R +r /var/opt/vivaldi-snapshot/WidevineCdm

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