Do not delete address field when switching tabs

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    Is there a setting in Vivaldi that will make it NOT delete what I've typed/pasted in the address field when I switch tabs before pressing Enter? With the current behaviour, I'm forced to build the URL in Notepad and then paste it into Vivaldi.

    To explain further, I open a new tab, then I type a partial URL in the address field, and then (because I don't have photographic memory) I visit another tab to copy additional information that should form part of the URL, and then I go back to the new tab again, only to discover that what I have previously pasted in the address field is GONE.

    I suppose one workaround is to add " xx" to whatever I've typed in the address bar, then press Enter so that the browser attempts to visit the non-existing page, but at least then it leaves the content of the address bar intact when I switch tabs.


  • Hint: stay on the same tab where you're copying part of urls, and paste in the same tab's address field. When you're done, press alt-enter instead of enter (or shift-enter depending on how it's set in your vivaldi://settings/addressbar/) and you'll open the new url in a new tab, and in the previous tab you can always press esc in the address field to restore to its previous content.

  • Thanks, ugcheleuce! I wanted to post about the same issue the other day, but I forgot.

  • I reported this a couple of weeks ago as VB-57553. But they were unable to reproduce it for some reason, it should be obvious.

    @ugcheleuce @VVivid Please feel free to report it as well, they might be able to reproduce if more people report how to do it.

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    @Pathduck said in Do not delete address field when switching tabs:


    No need to re-report - the bug is re-opened now and a fix is in progress

  • @ugcheleuce Take a look at Tab Tiling

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