Vivaldi hanging when saving image from page

  • Unsure if it's due to some weird config on my Windows machine, but after I updated to Vivaldi 2.7, I noticed every time that I right-click an image and use 'Save As...' in a private window, the browser freezes and lags as if the saving function is running synchronously and is blocking the main thread from running. The lag happens immediately after confirming the save location in the windows explorer menu until the windows system notification that the image has been downloaded.
    Feel free to ask for additional information to further diagnose this issue as needed.

  • Moderator

    @andrewk I think I can reproduce this - have you filed a bug? If not, see this URL:

    Once that is done, please share the bug number (beginning with VB-). Thanks.

    On the form, you can add your email address. Once submitted, you'll get a confirmation. You can reply to this with any logs or further info.

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