Red triangles at top of tabs

  • Hi, everyone - my apologies if this question has been asked and answered somewhere else, but if it has, I have not been able to find it.
    Although I have other questions, my main one right now is what the little red triangles which sometimes appear at the tops of tabs mean. I don't know if they are for background tabs, hibernating tabs, lazy loading tabs or something else but if would be much appreciative if, if you know what they mean, you would post the answer here.

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  • @lwdgrfx It indicates tabs that are unread (not viewed, yet).

  • @lwdgrfx

    Hibernating tabs will dim. Both of these features are configurable in the settings.

  • vivaldi://settings/tabs/ -> Tabs ->TAB DISPLAY ->
    uncheck 1. Use Unread indicators
    uncheck 2. Dim Icon when Hibernated

  • Perfect - thanks, everyone. That has driven me crazy for a while now.

    I'm just curious - so is a 'background' tab any tab but the active one?

    I've also never understood the point of 'lazy load' tabs.

  • @lwdgrfx said in Red triangles at top of tabs:

    Perfect - thanks, everyone. That has driven me crazy for a while now.

    Vivaldi rewards exploration. Even after years of experience & having tried every single setting, a lot of the flags, modifying code for both extensions and the browser itself, I'm still learning new things - that's what makes it fun.

    Whenever I install a new piece of software, or get a new device, I always go through every single setting. While it may delay getting to play with a new toy, it's a fast way to learn what that toy can do. I also like to harden anything before I start using it, and tweak it to my preferences.

    I recommend doing the same with Vivaldi now. Go through every settings page and review each option. If you don't know what something is, many options have tooltips with explanatory text. If it doesn't or you're still not sure, then a web search will likely have the info you need.

    There's also the Tabs category in the help pages.

    I'm just curious - so is a 'background' tab any tab but the active one?

    Yup. Except that in some cases, pinned tabs will not be effected by actions done on background tabs.

    I've also never understood the point of 'lazy load' tabs.

    For example, hovering over this option will explain what lazy load does. If your question is why would you want that - many people, myself included, often have lots of tabs open. By lots I mean hundreds. When starting the browser or restoring a session, if all those tabs try to load at the same time they will put quite a load on the network. The active tab that you want to use will take a lot longer to load, the browser may lag, and other processes & devices using the network will suffer as well. This prevents that from happening.

  • @bonetone Thanks very much! I've used many browsers in my time (30+ yrs) working on computers but I don't believe any other browser has ever used those terms before. I was one of Opera's very early users and I liked it so much that I even bought it. It cost about $40 as I recall. I was very disappointed that they kept changing it and particularly when some designer decided to remove sessions. One of the many things I love about Vivaldi is that I can use sessions again.

    I also have many tabs open at once but when there are too many, I use the 'One Tab' Chrome extension (or create a session). And it's one more Vivaldi wonder that we can use extensions written for Chrome.

  • @lwdgrfx Per the usual, the folks behind Vivaldi innovate a feature & the big guys adopt it & their users never realize where it came from. Lazy loading (at least partially) is now available in the flags for Chrome, and I think Firefox has the same in their hidden config page.

    A user on this forum created an extension that is useful when you feel there are too many tabs open. Actually, you know, there are a few extensions/mods...

    Auto Tab Discard can hibernate old tabs on a timer, or with no timer just when you click the button to hibernate background tabs.

    Make sure you're utilizing tab stacks if you are using a lot of tabs. The Window Panel is also really nice. I often hide my tabs, which are on the right, and use the panel to manage them instead.

    A couple great mods are:

    Advanced Web Panels This extension allows the creation of some advanced panels, but comes with one built-in, the sessions panel. Without it, sessions were mostly useless to me, now I find them useful.

    Auto Save Sessions Choose how often & how many to keep, as well as what string to prepend on the name.

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