Webside Kanban.ist is not working correct after updating vivaldi

  • Hi,

    im using vivaldi since 1 month and I'm happy with it. Two thing are not working properly.

    1. MsTeams - I searched for it in this forum and it seems to be a problem since 2017
    2. whe I started using vivaldi there seems to be no issue with the webside https://kanban.ist. But with the latest to updates this side is not working like it should. When I move a task to a new column it will not move. Before the updates it was working like it should and in other browsers it is also working properly so I belive it is an issue in vivaldi browser

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    1. Its known about - this is Microsoft fault - they do user agent sniffing. You can get it to work by using an extension or developer tools to change the user agent.
    2. This sounds like a bug, please consider reporting it. Instructions available here : https://help.vivaldi.com/article/reporting-a-bug-in-vivaldi/

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