vivaldi is not compatible with tablet

  • So far, looks good.

  • A tablet and DeX desktop user here -- please do test Vivaldi in those modes to make sure it's a great all-round browser. It's never good if I've got to switch to Samsung Internet Browser whenever I'm on my tablet or in DeX desktop mode and I want to be more productive. Thanks!

  • @Tyrone this issue had been reported before on chrome browser. Vivaldi is a chrome clone. Type in your address bar chrome://version/ and you'll see Vivaldi about coming up. This touch offset is a bug in the chrome code I imagine. In any case, the bug is fixed in the vivaldi-snapshot release which is available in the play store.

    As for tabs on tablets, I have come across a workaround that works for me on a 7" tablet. In Developer settings under Drawing there is an option called "Smallest width". My tablet setting is default at 600. Vivaldi will register this value and draw the tablet view interface. When the setting is changed to 596 Vivaldi will draw the phone view interface instead, and consequently wouldn't show tabs. Changing the screen smallest width may affect other views on your tablet, so ultimately this is a compromise, but if you are seriously annoyed by tabs then this is a solution for you.

  • Sadly, even with the latest snapshot it is not fixed. There needs to be an option to properly disable the tab bar, even if that is just a workaround to the real problem. Right now it's just unusable for me on the tablet (10' Huawei Mediapad T5). I love the browser and sync the option on my desktop and phone, so it's too bad I have to keep using chrome on the tablet.

  • This issue with the touch-point being off-set was a pretty big one on my tablets.

    Have two tablet devices where this was prevalent.

    • Huawei MediaPad M3 8.4in (2016)
    • Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 10in (2019, very new tablet)

    Just updated to version 2.11.1813.18 (stable) and it seems the behavior is MUCH better.

    Thank you! It was super annoying prior.

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    Now available in 3.0:

    Vivaldi supports android tablets.

    If there are any continuing problems with tablets, please open new support threads or file a bug report (please note the device you are using). For information on how to report a bug, see this URL:

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