Bookmarks disappearance

  • until a couple of snapshots ago every time I tried to import bookmarks, Vivaldi crashed now I can import them but every once in a while ... they disappear, I open a new tab and the bookmarks are not there anymore. Yesterday I used Vivaldi all day and I had no trouble, today first start of the browser and no bookmarks. latest snapshot and Manjaro here

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    i have a similar issue without importing them. out of the blue they are all gone.

  • Could you try following the steps in this post from another thread and seeing if the problem persists?

    It's from the Windows category, but I use Vivaldi on both platforms and can confirm it's worked for me on Linux Mint 17.2

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    keeping all folders expanded, no speed dial bg and using native window seems to fix the issue.
    thx for bookmark manager tip.

    btw: no chrome installed on my debian jessy.

  • thank you Tiamarth, after a couple of days without hiccups I can say your suggestion worked.

  • I'm glad I could help :)

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