Bug - phantom delete key when typing in the favorite page/sidebar -

  • Good day to you all. First of all, as an old Opera Enthusiast, let me say that I was Thrilled to discover Vivaldi Earlier that day. For quite some time now, I was settled with Maxthon, witch though pretty interesting in a lot of ways, has its share of bugs, controversy and bugs... quite a lot of them. So yeah, cu-do to the dev for this gem, I'm very interested to see where this is going, and I'll be using Vivaldi as my main Browser to test it out, and hopefully keep it. Now onto the problem : When creating new favorites or folder for the favorites, both in the sidebar and in the dedicated page, the delete key is randomly registered after each letter (around 1 time evry 7 stroke). The issue is not reproduced in the search bar or the address bar, neither in the writing of this very post. It is quite disturbing to say the least, as I never had that problem with any other application before. Any thought ? I've search the forum for something similar but did not find anything, If the issue has already been settled, I do apologies greatly and beg for forgiveness, or anything close. and perhaps some coffee ... yep coffee would be nice. Still thank you for this browser and all the wonderful thing it already propose plus the future implementations. cheers.

  • Confirmed here. Also happens less frequently in the "Find" bar. I've been experiencing this since I first started using Vivaldi, but I couldn't think of a way to describe it, and no one else was reporting it, so I didn't report it either.

  • Confirm problem in typing names of Favorites - some letters autodeleted without logic

  • I was able to replicate issue as stated by Bananeisafree for my system: Windows 7 x64, for both Vivaldi (Developer Build) (32-bit) and Vivaldi (Developer Build) (64-bit).


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