I search the folder by name. Does not show bookmarks in folder.

  • I'm searching in Bookmarks with folder name. Does not show bookmarks in folder. Just showing the folder. Vivaldi şu anda sadece klasörü gösteriyor... This was not the case before V2.8! It's more convenient to work like before.

    Folders and bookmarks are listed by relevance when searching. We want to know the actual location of the folders listed in the search results. The Chromium bookmarks manager offers an option like "show folder." this is also very handy.

  • If you are using the Search, then only items matching the search are displayed. The folder matches the search, but not the bookmarks. So select the folder then clear the search.

  • Apparently they have corrupted the running browser.

    Just because I choose the folder doesn't help me access the contents. I have about 10000 bookmarks. Unfortunately, the vivaldi bookmark panel appeals to ordinary users.

    We are addicted to paid bookmark sites again...

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