Does Autoscrolling Work on Linux?

  • I have Vivaldi 64-bit (latest snapshot) on Linux Mint and I can't find any option anywhere to turn on autoscrolling. Middle click to scroll is working on my Windows installation, but I might have turned it on in a hidden menu and forgot how.

  • Short answer? It's possible to get something similar to that feature working on Linux, but if you only care about it working in your browser, it's much less effort to just install this browser extension.


    Here's a tutorial over on StackEchange about how to use autoscrolling system-wide on the Linux platform. But the result of that won't be what you're used to on Windows. You'll need to hold down the middle mouse button and drag the mouse to scroll - and there's no visual indication once you've pressed down on the middle mouse button.

  • I don't think I've ever used auto scrolling outside of a browser, so I don't need to go all out and make it system wide. Thanks for the info!

  • You're welcome 🙂

  • Yeah, there are some add-ons for that. But it would be nice if Vivaldi would implement autoscrolling and smooth scroll directly in the browser, similar to Firefox. One of the reasons: The scroll add-ons don't work on all sites. And it's also a pain that one have to install an add-on for such a basic functionality.

  • Well Vivaldi already supports smooth scrolling as of a few snapshots ago, and, for all I know, autoscrolling might be there some day too. But most browsers on Linux don't support that feature, neither does most software in general, because that's not what the mmb natively does on Linux - it's for pasting text.


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