- Extension problem - x64

  • Hello there, With last patch came a little annoyance: I cannot keep any extension (namely ublock, umatrix or any other) working when I close Vivaldi and re-open it. I have to go to the extension panel and re-enable them. With it comes a pop-up: "This has been disabled because it needs more permission." I tried to go directly in the folder and "run as admin" but it did not change anything. I may have missed something or there is something not going right there 🙂 Thank you for your help. edit 1 : Smooth-scrolling does not work on every site. edit 2 : Is that normal that I get 3 process of Vivaldi with only 1 session opened (no extension, no tabs, just freshly updated)

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    Re-installing the extensions may work, some people confirmed it worked for them.

    2: Yes, it's normal for three processes, (One for the browser, one for the GPU Process, and another for the internal pages)


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