Alt Keyboard Sequences

  • HI, seems i am not able use Alt Keyboard Sequences in Vivaldi at all .Example login to some pages with email address i am using name(alt+64 as @ ) but now its seems that iam not able to put @ even here to Message :) so i have to use CTRL+ALT + V. Tom

  • After some playing on Win 7 with Vivaldi (Entwickler-Build) (32-Bit) I agree. There is something very weird going on, if you try to use {Alt}+{numeric keypad}. I tested it on the search page because I was loosing this entry field for messages time and again. With some combinations the browser just jumped to the startpage (for instance Alt+178) with Alt+146 it jumped one page back. If it was possible to reach the page with the forward or backward button the respective symbol was written. See the screenshot of the searchfield after some trials:

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