Arena of Fate Closed Beta Giveaway

  • [center][img][/img] Have you enjoyed Arena of Fate with us so far? Great - now we’d like you to play together with your friends in our Closed Beta. Closed Beta code [hide]0KurB8r0o6VQh Bk02VuSi0aA4U HrNoFba0dR4O5 NwusbX4Ew9LQC U6sJkMHNkYIUL[/hide] How to join the Closed Beta: Copy the Closed Beta code Click the '[url=]Enter the Arena[/url]' button above Enter your code on the web page with your log-in details If you have any questions about or issues with the game, please come to Arena of Fate forums and let us know. Please keep in mind that a Non-Disclosure-Agreement is still in place in Arena of Fate, which means we don’t want you to post images or videos about the game just yet. See you in the Arena! Arena of Fate Team[/center]

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